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New Fire Safe Security from Yale – available on Buy-a-Safe!

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The new Yale Fire Security Safe is one of the best fire safes on the market today! This state-of-the-art safe holds the capacity of 49 litres and weighs 64kg. This safe is sure to protect your valuables from theft and fire damage. It features a unique digital security touchpad with many user functions and features.
Like many products from Yale – you, your family and valuables will always feel confident. It has been tested to withstand up to 1hr of intense fire.
Safe features:
• Heavy duty Hinges protected with 18mm fixed bolts
• Heavy duty fixing points
• Low Battery Warning
• Emergency battery capability
• Heavy duty 4 point locking
• Adjustable internal shelf
• Hardened steel plates protect locking mechanism
• High Security Lock
Touchpad features:
• Unique touchpad technology
• Code scramble input function for privacy
• One time access codes
• Silent input option
• 1-48 hours total lockdown mode
• Time lock when wrong code is entered
• Re-settable 3-12 digital user code
• Low battery alarm signal
• Emergency battery capability

If you want more information please call Buyasafe on 1300 405 200 or visit our website www.buyasafe.com.au.

Keeping a safe for personal reasons: Why you need a Home safe

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The days of keeping precious items under the mattress are long gone. In an increasingly sophisticated criminal world, personal valuables – be they diamonds, dollars or documents – need to be properly protected.

Cash, jewellery and heirlooms with sentimental value should be stored in safes along with personal documents, which thieves can target for identity fraud. Choosing the right safe is important and will depend on what you are safeguarding.

Important items to store in safes

Wall safes are a typical and sound choice for the home. They’re suitable for jewellery and personal documents such as passports, wills, share certificates, birth certificates and property deeds. However, if any of these are rare or irreplaceable, it’s worth considering fire-resistant safes.

Guns are required by law to be adequately housed, but don’t be tempted to store other items in gun safes, especially if you need to access them regularly – the risk of mistakenly leaving a firearm exposed is great.

Keep out of reach of children

If there are children in the home, there is all the more reason to secure irreplaceable documents, as well as medicines. The latter are a particular hazard for naturally curious children, who find pills tempting enough to swallow: they look like sweets and children like to imitate what adults do.

Don’t underestimate a child’s ability to unearth what you think you’ve managed to hide. Both wall safes and more specialised drug safes will keep dangerous substances out of reach of children and, if large enough, there’s nothing that beats a safe for keeping Christmas and birthday presents tucked away from inquisitive children.

Where to hide the safe is also important. Bathrooms and kitchens are targeted by thieves less than bedrooms and living rooms, but if you are tempted to hide wall safes behind artwork, make them posters rather than paintings – thieves watch movies too.

Home Safe

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How to Choose the Right Home Safe
A home safe can give you peace of mind by protecting important documents, computer data and valuables. But there’s a range of home safes to choose from, so it’s essential to choose the right one for your requirements.
What will your home safe be used for?
First you need to determine what your home safe will be used for. If you are mainly concerned with fire protection, then you will want to choose one that’s fire resistant. It’s important to note that fire-resistant home safes have different ratings. If you want to protect documents, the home safe should be rated to not get any hotter than 177°C (350°F). If you plan to protect materials such as 35mm slide film or tape recordings, it should be rated to not get any hotter than 66°C (150°F). If you want to protect data storage devices, such as computer discs and DVDs, it should be rated to not get hotter than 52°C (125°F). Fire-resisting safes for home are also time rated — they can be rated to withstand heat from 30 minutes to 3 hours.
If you are mostly concerned with protecting your valuables against burglary, there are a number of factors to consider. Some home safes are rated according to the strength of the door and walls, the penetrability of the locking mechanism and the difficult of removing them. Burglars are usually in a hurry and will grab valuables that small and portable. So the larger and heavier the safe, the harder it will be to steal. A home safe can also be secured to make it more difficult to remove.
What size home safe do you need?
The next point to consider is the size of the home safe. You need to consider the amount of documents or valuables you want to protect. If these will increase over time, it might be best to buy a larger safe now because it will be more economical than having to upgrade your home safe in the future.
Get expert advice before buying a home safe
It’s important to get expert advice before you buy. A qualified locksmith or specialty safe retailer will know all the types of home safes available and can help you choose the right one for your requirements.