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CMI - COM3-NC Drawer Deposit Chute Safe

Quick Overview

Drawer Deposit Chute Safe

(Model COM3-NC safe comes with Front Access Drawer Deposit Chute)

Available in front, rear, side or through wall access. Adaptable to most CMI

Drawer deposit chute adds 230mm to the height of each safe. The drawer runs
on heavy roller bearings and the clear drawer opening size is (H) 130mm x (W)
230mm x (D) 180mm.

A lock on the chute is available (on the TDR models, this comes as standard).

Dimensions: 1040mm x 610mm x 610mm

Weight: 700kg

Price of Drawer deposit chute varies according to the safe and to the location
of the chute (ie. front, side, rear or throught the wall access). Please contact
us for a quote on your specific requirements.

Availability: In stock

MSRP: $5,265.00 inc GST

Our Price: $4,739.00 inc GST