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  1. Interesting Facts About Commercial Safes

    interesting facts about commercial safes

    4 Interesting Facts About Commercial Safes

    Commercial properties such as offices, businesses, and stores often fall victim to internal and external theft, as well as natural disasters such as fire or floods. This often results in tremendous losses of cash, important documents, business records, and other company assets. In some cases, these losses could even lead to bankruptcy. This is why commercial establishments need to protect their assets.

    A commercial safe can be one of the most important purchases any business owner can make. Commercial safes are a hot commodity today. You can even

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  2. How to Change the Batteries in Your Safe

    how to change the batteries in your safe

    In these ever-changing times where technology keeps evolving, we all feel the need to keep up. Aside from their undeniable aesthetic appeal, we purchase newer versions of common household and office items for their advanced functionality and many other advantages. Along with the numerous advantages also come a few disadvantages. The same goes for purchasing electronic safes. Although having a safe is by far the most secure and convenient way of keeping your valuables, it is also more expensive and will not work when the batteries are dead. Though their price cannot be helped because advanced features come with hefty price tags, the battery issue has an easy fix! All you need

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  3. Why You Need a Biometric Safe

    why you need a biometric safe

    5 Reasons Why You Need A Biometric Safe

    The rate of technological advancement is increasing with time and people are constantly working on developing earlier technologies to make life more convenient and time-efficient. In this day and age, you can even use your fingerprints to unlock a security safe. Simply pressing the tip of the finger on the scanner will allow you to quickly access the valuables you have kept inside. And, though they can be more expensive than the conventional type of safe, they offer plenty of benefits. Here, we will look into the reasons why you need a biometric safe.

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  4. What to Do If Locked Out of Your Safe

    what to do if locked out of your safe

    By definition, a safe is a secure lockable box used for protecting valuable items against theft and/or damage from fire and other natural catastrophes. Some may find the need to use their safe on a daily basis, especially for business establishments, while some will only need to open their safe on rare occasions and emergency situations. Regardless of how often you may use your safe, you can never be prepared for a lockout situation. You might lose your mechanical key if you keep it with you for easy access or forget your access codes if you rarely use them. Even biometric access, though by far the most secure and convenient locking system, is not impervious to scanner malfunctions.

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  5. Fireproof Safe Buying Tips

    fireproof safe buying tips

    Fireproof Safe Buying Tips

    When it comes to ensuring that your valuables and important documents are kept secure, you have to be very particular and thorough. Choosing just any regular safe for home use might not be enough. Whilst most safes can withstand tampering and other burglary attempts, they cannot protect your safe and its contents from fire. A reliable fireproof safe could be the best choice to guarantee maximum protection for your treasured possessions. In this article, we will share how fireproof safes work and discuss important fireproof safe

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  6. Safes for Medicine

    safes for medicine

    Best Safes for Medicine

    Although drug safes are mainly designed to securely store prescription drugs for hospitals, pharmacies, aged care facilities, veterinaries, and medical clinics, they can also be used to lock away your medicines at home. If you own an establishment that sells or distributes medicines, it is your legal responsibility to ensure that any prescription medicines on the premises are securely stored in a drug safe that complies with Australian Health & Pharmaceutical specifications. There are regular audits being conducted to confirm that your organisation complies with the regulations. On the other hand, you will also need a secure medicine safe at home to ensure that your prescription drugs will not be easily accessed by children and young adults. Leaving

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  7. The Benefits of Having a Drug Safe

    The Benefits of Having a Drug Safe


    Safe medication storage is a proven effective method of preventing accidental poisonings, medicine theft, and misuse leading to prescription drug addiction. Oftentimes, prescription medicines are left openly accessible in the kitchen drawers, refrigerators, bathroom cabinets, or on top of dressers and counters. Not many understand the dangers this could bring. Sadly, most people only find the importance of proper medication storage when it is too late. In this article, our goal is to inject more knowledge about how we can prevent drug-related accidents and abuse. Let's take a closer look at the benefits of having a drug safe.

    1. Prevents Poisoning

    Whether you take prescription drugs or even vitamins and supplement pills,

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  8. Are you a Chemist or Pharmacy in need of a Drug Safe?

    Are you a Chemist or Pharmacy in need of a Drug Safe? Most people visit Chemists or Pharmacies to seek some friendly advice on a runny nose, pop-in to buy some mild pain relief over the counter or to pick up prescribed drugs which have been authorised by their GP’s. Unfortunately, some people however hold-up drug stores because they are desperately looking for their next ‘hit’, targeting drug stores for prescribed pain killers, morphine and more! Unfortunately we have seen a spike of drug store hold-ups across Australia in the last 24 months. Not only are they stealing from your business but they are also putting your customers at risk. If your drug store has been thinking about protecting your stock and customers, here at www.buyasafe.com.au we can help with giving your business peace of mind! We have a range of drug safes to suit any drug storing needs! For just over

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