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  1. Interesting Facts About Commercial Safes

    interesting facts about commercial safes

    4 Interesting Facts About Commercial Safes

    Commercial properties such as offices, businesses, and stores often fall victim to internal and external theft, as well as natural disasters such as fire or floods. This often results in tremendous losses of cash, important documents, business records, and other company assets. In some cases, these losses could even lead to bankruptcy. This is why commercial establishments need to protect their assets.

    A commercial safe can be one of the most important purchases any business owner can make. Commercial safes are a hot commodity today. You can even

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  2. How to Change the Batteries in Your Safe

    how to change the batteries in your safe

    In these ever-changing times where technology keeps evolving, we all feel the need to keep up. Aside from their undeniable aesthetic appeal, we purchase newer versions of common household and office items for their advanced functionality and many other advantages. Along with the numerous advantages also come a few disadvantages. The same goes for purchasing electronic safes. Although having a safe is by far the most secure and convenient way of keeping your valuables, it is also more expensive and will not work when the batteries are dead. Though their price cannot be helped because advanced features come with hefty price tags, the battery issue has an easy fix! All you need

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  3. Why You Need a Biometric Safe

    why you need a biometric safe

    5 Reasons Why You Need A Biometric Safe

    The rate of technological advancement is increasing with time and people are constantly working on developing earlier technologies to make life more convenient and time-efficient. In this day and age, you can even use your fingerprints to unlock a security safe. Simply pressing the tip of the finger on the scanner will allow you to quickly access the valuables you have kept inside. And, though they can be more expensive than the conventional type of safe, they offer plenty of benefits. Here, we will look into the reasons why you need a biometric safe.

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  4. What to Do If Locked Out of Your Safe

    what to do if locked out of your safe

    By definition, a safe is a secure lockable box used for protecting valuable items against theft and/or damage from fire and other natural catastrophes. Some may find the need to use their safe on a daily basis, especially for business establishments, while some will only need to open their safe on rare occasions and emergency situations. Regardless of how often you may use your safe, you can never be prepared for a lockout situation. You might lose your mechanical key if you keep it with you for easy access or forget your access codes if you rarely use them. Even biometric access, though by far the most secure and convenient locking system, is not impervious to scanner malfunctions.

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  5. Fireproof Safe Buying Tips

    fireproof safe buying tips

    Fireproof Safe Buying Tips

    When it comes to ensuring that your valuables and important documents are kept secure, you have to be very particular and thorough. Choosing just any regular safe for home use might not be enough. Whilst most safes can withstand tampering and other burglary attempts, they cannot protect your safe and its contents from fire. A reliable fireproof safe could be the best choice to guarantee maximum protection for your treasured possessions. In this article, we will share how fireproof safes work and discuss important fireproof safe

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  6. Why You Should Get a Key Safe

    why you should get a key safe

    Proper key management is important for all businesses. Keys represent control and losing keys will directly lead to losing valuables and important data. If your business requires many keys for daily operations, purchasing a key safe will be of great value to ensure business success. In this article, we will discuss the main reasons why you should get a key safe.

    Businesses That Need Key Safes

    A small office with a small space with very few employees and assets may not require a key safe. However, you will need a more secured and complex key management system for larger organisations. A key safe is highly recommended for the following:

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  7. Where To Put A Key Safe

    where to put a key safe


    The Best Place Where to Put A Key Safe

    Key safes, also known as key cabinets, secure your keys and controls access to the items tied to them. They are ideal to use for businesses like hotels, car showrooms, rentals, equipment manufacturing, etc. Having a key safe will not only secure your property but, they also help make your business more organised and therefore helps it to run more smoothly. Before purchasing and installing the safe, you must consider these four things:

    1. Size and Storage Capacity

    Identify all the items you want to store inside. Make sure the size of the safe will be spacious enough to accommodate your keys, cards, and other valuables you want to keep inside.

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  8. Key Cabinets Buying Guide

    Key Cabinets Buying Guide

    Your Ultimate Key Cabinets Buying Guide

    Key Cabinets are necessary to promote a systematic order and effective key management. They are ideally used to safely store keys and cards in commercial and industrial environments like hotels, industrial sites, schools, hospitals, vehicle sales, and rentals. Aside from keeping your keys and other items organised, they will prevent unauthorised individuals from accessing the keys to valuable items in your business. Obtaining keys to vehicles, rooms, and other important keyed items for your establishment will give intruders the upper hand in successfully taking your valuables away. Before purchasing a key cabinet, there are important factors you need to consider. Below is your ultimate key cabinets buying guide.

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  9. How do you keep keys safe? In a key cabinet safe of course!

    Whether you’re an estate agent managing multiple rental properties, a car yard dealer or just simply have lots of keys you need to keep safe - have you considered a key cabinet safe In Australia we know that real estate agents and agencies should have procedures in place for the safe custody of keys. Keys should be coded or tagged in such a way that the property address can't be identified. Keys that show a property address may be used to gain unauthorised access, and this may compromise an employee's out-of-office safety. If keys are handed out for prospective clients to conduct their own inspections, they should recommend that the new tenants change their locks, as keys can be easily taken to a locksmith for copying. This would be a major headache for everyone and more importantly, the trust instilled with your company could be compromised. Here at we stock

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  10. C.Q.R.iT Security Cabinets - Coming Soon

    Key Cabinets Control & management of your keys should be an integral part of your security management approach.If keys & assets are not being appropriately issued,managed and accounted forthe opportunity for compromise is increased.Loss of stock misuse of assets and inappropriate access to property can be significantly reduced using C.Q.RiT. How Does it work? Software for Control - The included KeySecure software gives an administrator total control over key usage by allocating or restricting access to keys on a user by user or group by group basis.A multitude of reports can be generated making the user accountable for the key and the valuable or sensetive assets associated with the key. The Cabinet for KEY storage - Your keys are stored inside the high security cabinet that can only be opened if you have the correct authority such as PIN/CARD ACCESS. Securing the keys -
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