Is your life stored in your laptop?

Is your life stored in your laptop?

If like many of us your work and memories are stored in your laptops – have you thought about keeping it safe? Literally!

At we have seen a spike in Air Laptop safes – the most popular, safe and HIGHLY recommend is the Chubbsafe Elements Air Laptop! What’s more – it’s only $220! When it comes to ensuring your laptop and all its valuable information stored

Here are just some of its benefits and features:
• Electronic Lock model pictured. Keylock lock also available.
• Boltwork – One-way moving boltwork with two 18mm, plated steel bolts.
• Door & Body – Door is made of 4mm-thick steel and body of 2mm-thick steel.
• Electronic Lock – Enter your PIN code using the key pad and simply turn the handle
to open the door. The door locks automatically again when shut and the handle is turned back.
• Key Lock – Operate by turning the key and pulling the door open.
• External (H) 200mm x (W) 430mm x (D) 350mm
• Internal (H) 190mm x (W) 420mm x (D) 300mm
• Volume 24 Litres
• Weight 13kg

For all your safe needs visit or call our friendly staff on 1300 405 200 and remember, Buy-A-Safe delivers all over Australia so no matter where you are, we can help you stay safe!

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