Spotlight on our cities: Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane

Australia’s overall crime rate has fluctuated over the past five years but Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane have reported a steady decline in property offences over the same period.

In Sydney, property offences are down five per cent but the incidence of theft from a dwelling is neither up nor down, being described as “stable”. It’s a word that can lead to complacency.

To avoid becoming a “stable” statistic, preventive measures are essential. Using burglar alarms is one measure, but neighbours tend to ignore alarms and response teams can’t arrive immediately. Rental homes (typically without alarms) are twice as prone to burglary as owned ones. For everyone, keeping valuables in safes is the best measure of last resort against determined thieves.

Cash and jewellery are the most common targets, but identity documents and passports are just as valuable when fenced to sophisticated rings of criminals. Most victims know immediately when money or jewellery has been stolen, but identity theft can remain undetected for months. Keeping personal papers in any one of the document protection safes Sydney suppliers offer is a simple preventive measure.

Melbourne is considered reasonably safe and although residential burglaries have fallen by three per cent in recent years, the city reports around 27,000 cases a year. A category of simple but ingenious safes that Melbourne residents could be tempted by are ‘distraction’ safes, containers disguised to look like everyday household products – anything from baked bean tins to fake plugs. Who’d have thought crime prevention could be fun?

Brisbane’s crime rates vary by suburb, with the southern suburbs being more frequently targeted by gangs. The safes Brisbane householders can choose from are also wide-ranging: anything from fire resisting safes to specialty safes for guns.

“Better to be safe than sorry” may sound like a cliché, but it really does ring true when it comes to protecting your valuables.

Australian burglary in numbers

If you’ve never considered purchasing safes for your home or workplace before, these shocking statistics should ring a few alarm bells.

The numbers

• 335,700: Number of burglaries between 2009 and 2010 in Australia.
• 19 per cent: Proportion of goods taken that was money.
• 2.5 per cent: Incidence of burglary in proportion to international rates.
• 5: Australia’s position as the world’s fifth most burgled country.
• 29 per cent: Proportion of robberies occurring in a residential dwelling.
• 30 per cent: Proportion of robberies occurring in a retail environment.
• 36 per cent: Proportion of Australians who believe their home is likely to be burgled within the forthcoming year.


The locations

Not all of the statistics have a bleak outlook. In general, property theft has been declining and is continuing to decrease year by year. It’s also good news if you live in Golden Plains, Victoria. A few years ago, they had the lowest property-related crime rate in Australia, with just 1.3 per cent of the local population impacted. The highest crime rates, most likely due to population and home/office density, are in major cities like Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

Your choice

It takes a few minutes to be robbed of your valuables, but a lifetime to recover. Whether you’ve had family heirlooms or even personal identification documents take, the impact can be devastating.

It’s vital to ensure the protection of precious goods. Whether it’s money or memories, security safes are your best option. No longer the bulky pieces of metal objects you might imagine, they come in a range of lightweight materials and styles. From fire resisting safes to infloor safes, there is a massive range of choices to suit every budget and environment.

Browse our safes today and get a head start on protecting your valuables from theft.

Things to Know Before Buying Rifle Safe

Rifle Safe
Rifle Safe

Though people buy rifles for varied reasons, most of them make the purchase out of the necessity to protect themselves and loved ones. Owning a rifle is a great idea and no one should shy away from it, however if you already own one or are planning to buy one, then you have to consider investing in a rifle safes to ensure that you store them safely. There are various types of safes available in the market and as such, before making a purchase, there are several things that you have to take into consideration.

Key among them is the storage capacity of the safe. In this regard, consider how many rifles you own at the present time and how many more you’d think of buying in the future. There are times when you might consider storing other things in your safe apart from the rifle, take this into consideration too. In addition to this you have to make sure that you know the measurements of your rifle to ensure that you buy safes that are the same height.

Rifle safes are supposed to guarantee safety from young children and thieves who might break into your home. As such, the material used to construct your safes should be of high quality that cannot be broken into easily. It is precisely for this reason that you should ensure that the safes you buy are made from steel which is heavy and can meet this requirements.

Rifle safes should also have a secure locking mode. In most instances, there are three distinct locks namely; key locks, combination locks and electronic locks. While key locks might appear cheap when buying a safe, can be broken into easily and are not advisable, combination locks can at times be difficult to open and especially if you need to access the rifle quickly. On the other hand, electronic locks are the best because they are easy to open and do not cause any inconveniences.

You should also ensure that the rifle safe you buy is fire proof. Most safes can tolerate heat under three major levels, thirty, sixty and ninety minutes, therefore ensure you make a wise decision based on how close you live to a fire station.

How to buy safes online

Having a gun safe is mandatory for any gun owner. You don’t want to be charged for faulty firearm storage. However, you also don’t want to spend too much on a safe and still want to be assured that you have your firearms stored properly. It isn’t particularly hard to find a safe in Sydney, because the demand is there: about 2 per cent of Sydney’s population own shooting licenses, and a significant portion of that population owns private firearms.

At first, you need to clarify some things in order to find a cheap and reliable gun safe. For starters: how much protection do you think you need? Fire-proof safes for example, offer a lot of additional safety, but adds to the costs. Safes with thicker walls can also cost more, depending on the composition material.
You should also think about the height of the safe; typically, about 1500mm height is recommended for storing 800mm long rifles, as room for a top shelf is irreplaceable. Should you opt for convenience and choose a safe with a digital-access code or choose longevity by opting for a mechanical lock, is entirely up to you. You can also opt for used safes, which can be hard to come by as not that many people give up their firearms.

Rifle safes are essential for anyone who owns firearms, and you should follow typical buying advice when shopping for gun safes. That includes buying gun safes with a warranty, not buying safes that are bigger than your intended storage, and generally choosing the safe which you think has the best cost/quality ratio on the market.

Our company offers rifle safes and gun safes for all weapon categories permitted in Australia. If you live in Sydney, you can pay a visit to our local shop; alternatively, you can opt for shipping.

How important it is to have a gun safe?

Gun policies are harsh in Australia. Due to these – pretty reasonable, one might say – policies, Australians have to keep their guns in a safe. The ammunition has to be kept in another safe or in a locked section of the same safe. The most obvious reason a gun owner needs a safe is that others (especially children and teenagers for that matter) will be denied access to the firearms. However, a gun safe is a reasonable investment for a many other reasons.

First of all, consider the worth of your firearms. Not only storing your firearm in a drawer is illegal, it can prove to be quite costly, too. In worst cases, faulty firearm storage can get you in a bunch of legal trouble. Furthermore, a good hunting rifle costs anywhere from $1000 to $5000; put that against the grand for a good safe and you’ll realize that having a gun safe can actually save a lot of money. For antique firearms, which cost a lot more, not having a safe is out of question.

Secondly, you can store valuables in most safes. For example, jewellery is reasonably well protected within gun safes. You can keep literally any valuables and/or weapons in a gun safe, for example, knives, documents, etc. In different areas, there is a different demand and supply for gun safes. Sydney, for example, has a low demand for gun safes and safes are harder to find there. The reason for this is that only about 2% of the Sydney’s population have firearm licences and thus need safes, whereas about 5% of Australia’s population has gun licenses.

To find the best safe, you have to do some comparing. Questions you can ask yourself when browsing around for a gun safe are, for example: ‘Will they be well protected? Do I plan on purchasing other firearms? Will I store anything else besides the gun in the safe? Do I want a safe with ammunition locks or do I need two separate safes?’.