Floor Fireproof Safe

4 Clever Places to Conceal Your Floor Fireproof Safe

There are many good reasons to buy a floor fireproof safe. Compared to freestanding home safes, they offer an extra layer of protection since they’re more concealed. And because you're investing in something that’s fireproof, you can also worry less about the contents getting damaged in bushfires.

Places to hide your floor safe

Burglars these days are getting increasingly smart when determining where homeowners may hide their valuables. You may think that merely placing your possessions in a floor security safe already eliminates your worries — this isn’t the case.

Even home floor safes Sydney should be hidden from plain sight, especially if you frequently invite strangers into your home. Below, we share four places that can offer your floor safe more protection from thieves and burglars.

1. Under the carpeting

If you’re stashing items in your security safe for a couple of years, it isn’t such a bad idea to place your floor safe under the carpeting. Yes, having good carpeting installed can be quite expensive, but this is also why burglars won’t expect you to hide your safe under something that’s permanently installed.

2. Under the kitchen table

Areas that are frequently occupied by people also aren’t such an obvious place for a floor fireproof safe. This makes the dining area another nice spot for your valuables.

If you have wood flooring, create a part with a large detachable piece for where you can access your safe. You'll still need to conceal this part, however. One good option is to have a thick carpet placed over where your safe is and then arrange your dining table and chairs.

3. Under the staircase

Hiding your home safe under the stairs is another good option, but this works better if you already have an opening built under your stairs. If not, you can invest in an installation, which is time-consuming but well worth your money.

4. Under the furniture

This option works best with large and heavy furniture that look inconvenient to move around. Since burglars usually have to move fast to search for valuables, there's a big chance they won't bother to spend time looking under heavy furniture.

Other places to hide your home safe

Since you also have the option of buying a wall or freestanding safe, here are other places worth considering when concealing your safes Sydney from thieves and burglars:

  • Behind a wall mirror
  • Behind a painting
  • Behind a movable bookshelf or cabinet
  • The laundry room
  • The children’s room
  • The bedroom closet
  • The garage

For smaller containers such as a cash box, you can try these places:

  • Hidden inside a sack of grain
  • Between folded clothes in your dresser
  • In a fake air vent
  • Behind some books on a shelf
  • In a bucket of cat litter

With a little creativity, you can hide your floor fireproof safe effectively

It can be challenging to find an ideal location to hide home safes in Sydney. Regardless if you buy a floor fireproof safe or a home wall safe, there are ways to make your safe less conspicuous so it doesn't attract attention. Interested in browsing quality floor safes? Here at Buy-A-Safe, we have the largest selection of safes for homes and offices that can match your storage needs and budget.