4 Reasons Why Tech Companies Need Laptop Safes

Data security should be one of the main priorities of any tech company. Since data is considered the bread and butter of the business, no expense should be spared. There are numerous ways to ensure that all digital assets are protected from theft, damage, loss, or manipulation. But when it comes to protecting items such as laptops, mobile phones, and external disks, security experts recommend investing in laptop safes.

Why Your Company Needs Laptop Safes

Let's cover the reasons why buying a security safe for laptops is a worthwhile option.

1. Protects multiple assets in one secure location.

Laptop safes aren't just meant for laptops. Because laptops typically come with other items such as adapters, external disks, and CDs, the security safe will usually have space for all these items and other gadgets.

Having multiple devices and disks in one place is highly advantageous. You can locate what you need quickly. Moreover, if you want an extra layer of security, you can place the laptop safe in a secure room that limits access to authorised personnel.

2. Prevents unauthorised access or use.

Most threats to tech businesses come from an external source. This doesn’t mean that a data breach can’t come from within your company. When tech companies fall victim to a cyberattack, they take a long time to recover, if at all.

Protect your customer information as this can be your most valuable asset but don’t limit your security measures to preventing outside attacks. With an office laptop safe, you can at least control who knows the access code instead of leaving the devices and external disks out in the open for anyone to access and steal.

3. Encourages accountability.

Your laptop safe can be integrated into your security system to track who takes out items or returns them. Even if your staff are well-aware of the policies and procedures of the business, it often pays to have a system in place that logs specific activities so employees feel more accountable for their actions.

4. Protects against multiple threats.

Bushfires can occur at any time during the hot season in Australia. Even if your area isn’t particularly prone to having them, you still can’t predict when a fire may take place.

Have in mind that hard copies of documents and digital assets are very sensitive to heat and can damage easily. Most laptop safes come with a fire rating so the contents have more protection against heat.

Other Ways to Prevent a Data Breach

  • Create strong passwords - Hackers know that the common practice when creating passwords is to use personal information such as birthdays. Ensure your employees avoid making the same mistake. A combination of lower-case, capital letters, symbols, and numbers work best.
  • Keep your antivirus programs updated - Cyber-attackers diligently create better and more clever ways to penetrate your computer or mobile device. The people that create your antivirus, however, are also working to identify the latest cyber threats. They constantly create updates to your antivirus’ database so it spots potential threats or infestations. This is why it's important to keep your antivirus up-to-date, too.
  • Schedule backups - Some companies prefer to keep backups in cloud storage while others like to keep them in external hard drives. Regardless of where you store the files, schedule backups regularly. According to security experts, the sweet spot is once a week.
  • Train employees - Your employees are the first line of defence. Letting them join a seminar on data security or training them on the do's and don'ts is a must, especially for tech companies.


Without the proper safeguards, your company's data can be compromised even from something as simple as a stolen laptop. Don't wait until it's too late to buy laptop safes for sale. If you're not sure where to start, consider browsing through our selection of security safes for laptops and other digital assets here at Buy A Safe.