Home and Office Safes

What are the 6 Items That Are Best Stored In Home and Office Safes?

You can never anticipate when a burglary or fire can occur in your home or office. When they do happen, your biggest concern is always the safety of the people inside the building. Your next concern following this, however, is the safety and security of important or valuable items. This is why home and office safes are a sound investment towards protecting your assets.

Home and Office Safes Add a Layer of Security for Your Valuables!

Any piece of item can be valuable, even if it’s not in the monetary sense. Something as simple as an antique necklace with low market value, or perhaps an old family photograph, can be considered precious because of the sentimental value you put on it.

These items deserve to be protected from the possibility of loss, theft, or accidental damage, preferably inside a secure storage container such as a safe.

What Should I Be Storing Inside a Home or Office Safe?

If you’re planning on buying a safe or already have one and are wondering what you can store in it, the following are good examples:

1. Personal documents

Everyone has a birth certificate. This piece of document is important because it proves one’s identity, place, and date of birth. It is also a requirement in case you lose your personal ID card and need to get a new one. Much like a birth certificate, a passport is also a very important document that’s used for travelling abroad or proving your identity. Both these documents must be kept safe, especially from potential burglars, since losing them may also lead to identity theft.

2. Money

Not everyone likes to keep their cash in a bank account or in the bank security deposit box. Having a certain amount of cash at hand is always a good thing, and stacking emergency cash in a fireproof home safe might prove to be useful.

3. Jewellery

Same like money, jewellery can also be stored in a safe deposit box. But what good is a piece of bling if you never get to wear it? Unless your jewellery is only for investment purposes, you may want to keep it within your reach. Home and office safes are a good place to store jewellery, both for personal use or for business reasons, such as if you own a jewellery shop.

4. Spare keys

One of the things that people frequently lose or misplace are keys. This is the reason why it’s best to have spare keys — whether it’s your safe deposit box keys, vehicle keys, or keys to the home or office. These keys should also ideally be stored in a key cabinet safe so you know where to find spare keys when you need them.

5. Guns

If you own guns, you’ll definitely want to put them inside your home or office safe to secure them from theft and prevent children from finding them. There are gun safes for sale that are specifically designed to store small to large firearms, and they are recommended for individuals who keep more than one gun at home or in the office.

6. Other items

Other than your personal identification documents, there are plenty of other important things you may want to store in your safe.

Examples of these items include:

  • Will and testament
  • Social security card
  • Records related to debts
  • Investment contracts
  • Insurance policies
  • Important invoices
  • Digital backups for important files
  • Medical records

Final Thoughts

Different people will tell you different things about what you should be storing inside the home and office safes. The truth of the matter is that it’s up to you to determine which items you consider valuable or not. If it’s important or valuable to you, then it belongs inside a safe.