We all want to feel safe in our homes. Our home is our castle, and ensuring our loved ones and treasured belongings are protected is essential to home protection. However, what lengths would you go to in order to ensure you are protected? If you’re a celebrity with seemingly unlimited funds, you might go to slightly more extreme measures than simply installing a hidden safe in your home. Walk-in safes For high-profile businessmen, celebrities and government figures, installing safe rooms – otherwise known as panic rooms – is usually the answer. Earlier this year, Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom hit headlines after police arrested him at his $18 million New Zealand mansion. After police were forced to break into his lavish panic room, the multimillionaire was allegedly found cross-legged next to one of his safes, as well as various extravagant possessions including a to-scale statue of the creature from Predator. Hi-tech panic rooms In 2003, director Kevin Smith revealed that during a tour of Ben Affleck’s home he was shown through to a bookcase. After opening out like something from a movie, a secret panic room was revealed. The tiny 2x2 room was equipped with safes, video monitors and a phone in case someone needed to hide from intruders. Celebrity website TMZ reported in 2011 that tennis star Serena Williams retreated to a panic room in her LA mansion after security cameras picked up a suspected intruder. Other celebrities understood to have invested in these hi-tech, extreme safe rooms include Madonna and Paul McCartney – whose fellow Beatle George Harrison was stabbed 10 times when a crazed intruder broke into his 120-room mansion in 1999. For most of us, the notion of a panic room is a little far-flung. To keep your possessions protected, invest in a one of a range of safes from buyasafe.com.au and be comfortable in the knowledge that your personal treasures are as safe as they can be.