If you’ve never considered purchasing safes for your home or workplace before, these shocking statistics should ring a few alarm bells.

The numbers

• 335,700: Number of burglaries between 2009 and 2010 in Australia.

• 19 per cent: Proportion of goods taken that was money.

• 2.5 per cent: Incidence of burglary in proportion to international rates.

• 5: Australia’s position as the world’s fifth most burgled country.

• 29 per cent: Proportion of robberies occurring in a residential dwelling.

• 30 per cent: Proportion of robberies occurring in a retail environment.

• 36 per cent: Proportion of Australians who believe their home is likely to be burgled within the forthcoming year.

Source: www.aic.gov.au/

The locations

Not all of the statistics have a bleak outlook. In general, property theft has been declining and is continuing to decrease year by year. It’s also good news if you live in Golden Plains, Victoria. A few years ago, they had the lowest property-related crime rate in Australia, with just 1.3 per cent of the local population impacted. The highest crime rates, most likely due to population and home/office density, are in major cities like Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

Your choice

It takes a few minutes to be robbed of your valuables, but a lifetime to recover. Whether you’ve had family heirlooms or even personal identification documents take, the impact can be devastating. It’s vital to ensure the protection of precious goods. Whether it’s money or memories, security safes are your best option. No longer the bulky pieces of metal objects you might imagine, they come in a range of lightweight materials and styles. From fire-resisting safes to in-floor safes, there is a massive range of choices to suit every budget and environment. Browse our home safes today and get a head start on protecting your valuables from theft.