Best Fireproof Safe For Cash


No one wants to imagine their house or office engulfed in flames. Yet, fires happen every day, whether it’s because someone left the stove on, a bushfire managed to spread to your home, or any number of other causes. Because there’s little you can do once a fire starts, it’s important to protect your possessions in a safe. In this post, we’ll share how you can find the best fireproof safe for cash, documents, and all other important items.

Why invest in a fireproof safe for cash and documents?

Paper-material items can scorch and catch fire much faster than most items. This is why more and more Australians are finding out just how crucial safes for home and offices are.

Many people mistake regular safes as being the same as fireproof safes. While they may share similarities, they don’t offer the same level of protection against fires. Money, photos, classified documents — all these can easily get damaged when exposed to high temperatures. This is why it’s important to get the best fireproof safe for cash and paper if you want to safeguard flammable items.

4 Tips When Choosing the Best Fireproof Safe for Cash

1. Fire Rating

The term fireproof shouldn’t be taken as a one-size-fits-all term for safes. So when you’re shopping around, make sure to ask about the fire rating. The hotter the temperature and the longer the time the safe can protect the contents, the better.

A fire-rated safe can have several useful features, as well, that make it more suitable for protecting money. For instance, fireproof safes can have a fire seal that expands at certain high temperatures. This seal can even keep out water, which is useful for when firefighters have to put out the fire.

2. Capacity and Weight

The amount of space you need is another important consideration. If you’re willing to invest in the best fireproof safe for cash, it’s highly recommended to buy a bigger safe. That way, you can also store your firearms, heirlooms, and even artwork. Also, have in mind that high-end safes for homes are much heavier due to their material and construction. The benefit of a heavy safe is that burglars will have trouble making off with it.

3. Locking Mechanism

Popular options for locking mechanisms when buying modern safes for home include combination locks, digital keypads, biometric scanners, and the classic key lock. You’ll be happy to know that many safes can have two locking mechanisms, which gives you more freedom and convenience.

4. Location

If you opt to keep money at home rather than in a safety deposit box, consider adding an extra layer of protection by concealing the safe. Hidden wall safes are becoming increasingly popular for homeowners.

Aside from hidden wall safes, in-floor safes for home can also be a good choice for your money. They’re trickier to access and install, but this also makes your hard-earned money harder to find for burglars.

The best safes are worth the higher price tag

Safes are made from very durable materials and equipped with any number of security features, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the best fireproof safe for cash will come at a hefty price. If, however, buying a safe protects your valuable belongings and gives you peace of mind, then consider it a lifetime investment. Here at Buy A Safe, we offer one of the widest selections of home and office safes so you can protect your money, guns, jewellery, and more. Browse our selection today!