best safes in Brisbane

Brisbane is a beautiful place to live in with its youthful vibe and population diversity. But, despite the abundance of positive energy in Brisbane, living in such a densely populated area could be dangerous. Your home could be threatened by a risk of break-in, property damage, and theft. However, placing preventive safety measures, like keeping all your doors and windows locked, can help reduce the risks. Another way to protect your valuables is by owning a reliable home safe. In this article, we will discuss the best safes in Brisbane and how they can help keep your valued items securely locked away.

Choosing the best Brisbane safes will depend on the contents you would like to secure. After determining the things you want to place inside, you can then easily look for the size and features that you would want your safe to have. If you're looking for the best safes in Brisbane, there are a lot of options available at Buy A Safe. Here are the three most popular brands and products that you might want to consider:

CMI Safes

Their use of heavy-duty metals, high-technology locking mechanisms, and advanced design features help to secure CMI’s place as one of Australia's leading name in safe manufacturing.

The CMI Miniguard Domestic Security Safe offers up to 30 minutes of fire protection and has a suggested insurable cash rating of $10,000. It also has an electronic keypad for easy operation and secondary relocking devices to shut your safe completely during break-in attempts. The door plate is 8mm thick and 4mm thick for its main body. It has boltholes at its base if you would like to secure it to the floor, but since it is heavy at 65kg, carrying it off is unlikely. Additionally, it stands at over 60cm tall, with a spacious interior and 2 adjustable shelves. If you have several items to keep, this is probably one of the best large fireproof safes you can get.


  • EXT 615H X 410W X 340D
  • INT 570H X 350W X 250D

Guardall Safes

One of Australia's trusted names for safe manufacturing since 1982, Guardall safes have a broad and diverse range of products made at their state-of-the-art facilities. And, all of their safes are put through rigorous testing to ensure strength and quality.

The Guardall - BFG100 (S3)- Fire Proof Safe is a large, heavy-duty safe that can withstand fire for up to 1 hour. It opens through a digital lock and keypad and also has re-locking device that protects your valuables in case of tampering. It's recommended insurable cash rating in an unsupported situation is $45,000. Moreover, at 100kg, it will be a challenge for any burglar to carry away. Though this safe is not made for rifles and large items, if you only plan to store jewellery, cash, and other important documents, this could be the best safe for you.


  • EXT 334H X 444W X 355D
  • INT 260H X 350W X 210D

Secuguard Safes

Another Australian brand known for providing affordable yet high-quality safes is Secuguard. So, if you are looking for a cheaper yet reliable security product, Secuguard is a solid investment for you.

The Secuguard - SHS2K Home Safe is a lightweight safe at 32 kg, but still reliable for its solid steel construction with 12mm steel plate door and 6mm plate body with a heavy steel frame around its front edges. It has a pry-resistant recessed door with a hidden internal hinge. A drill-resistant hardened steel plate protects its lock and active locking bolts. It opens through a digital and mechanical combination lock. Also, a spring-loaded re-locking device is triggered by a forced entry attempt. It uses solid steel bolt work and can be installed through the boltholes at its base and back. Furthermore, it is pick-resistant and uses Australian-made Ross key locks.


  • EXT 250H X 360W X 260D
  • INT 237H X 347W X 163D

Remember that by securing your valuables, you can deter thieves and live comfortably in a fantastic city like Brisbane. We highly recommend the above-mentioned safes for your security needs. They are made with strong materials and not easily damaged by tampering or natural disasters like fire and flood. However, it is still advisable to check out other safes for sale. There might be special needs for your items that need to be addressed.

For more information on the best safes in Brisbane, browse through our selection or get in touch with Buy A Safe on 1300 405 200 today! We offer you a wide range of home and commercial safes manufactured by top brands that are guaranteed to protect your most valued possessions.