Burg Wachter Safes

What You Need to Know Before You Buy Burg Wachter Safes

There’s no denying that Germany is well-known for setting the bar high when it comes to quality. In fact, many brands from Germany are recognised all over the world — Adidas, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, and more. In the security industry, Burg Wachter safes have a long-standing reputation as one of the most reliable security safes money can buy. But with other great brands out there to choose from, you may be having trouble deciding on the right safe.

A brief history of Burg Wachter safes

According to their website, the company has been in business since 1920. Their history, however, didn’t start from producing safes. In fact, they had more humble beginnings creating padlocks, which was common during the early ’90s in Germany. “Lock making” was widely embraced as a traditional craft by a lot of German families then.

Burg Wachter’s focus has always been on quality, which is evident in its stellar reputation among locksmiths and experts in the security field. Today, you’ll find their products all over the world, including in large financial institutions and government establishments.

How much does a Burg Wachter safe typically cost?

If you’re buying for your business, a medium-sized high-security safe from the company’s Karat line will cost about $2,500 and will already include several important features such as fire protection, drill-resistance, and multiple locking technologies (combination lock, fingerprint scanner, and key locking).

For establishments that need the highest level of security, Burg Wachter’s Diplomat product line generally costs more than $3,000. Any Diplomate safe is a sound investment. You can choose from different locking technologies and volumes to find a safe that meets your storage and security needs.

Do they sell more than just safes?

Burg Wachter does sell a wide range of products that help to improve home and office security. You’ll easily find key boxes, key safes, door chains, closers, stoppers, and even home alarms from their online shop.

Here at Buy-A-Safe, we currently only offer 100% genuine Burg Wachter safes. If you’re looking for a specific model that’s not on our list, we can help you look for it.

Assess your safe needs

One advice we don’t fail to tell customers is to assess their need for a safe. To help you, below are questions you can ask yourself to paint a better picture of the kind of safe you need :

  • What will you be storing?
  • What cash rating would cover the value of your stored valuables?
  • Are you looking for specific features such as fire resistance?
  • Are you planning on storing firearms?
  • What is your budget?
  • Are you buying the safe for your home or business?
  • Is your business in an industry that’s frequently targeted by burglars?
  • Who will have access to the safe?
  • What type of locking technology would provide the best security?
  • Would you prefer a freestanding, wall, or in-floor safe?

When in doubt, talk to a safe expert

While doing your own research is crucial when buying safes for sale, tapping into the knowledge and experience of a certified safe expert can provide you with a wealth of information you otherwise wouldn’t come across.

Here at Buy-A-Safe, we’ll tell you all you need to know about Burg Wachter safes and safes from other brands. To talk to an expert, just dial 1300 405 200.