6 Things You Should Keep in a Fireproof Filing Cabinet

Every business or family have documents that need to be protected from theft or damage. You can never anticipate when you may need to store these items away safely, which is why it’s good to own a fireproof filing cabinet to safeguard against any potential threats, including fires.

What Should You Place Inside a Fireproof Filing Cabinet?

There are numerous items you may consider important to lock away safely. In many cases, however, the most important ones are the following:

1. Insurance Info

If a natural disaster strikes your location, such as a flood, hurricane, fire, or tornado, one of the first things you’ll have to deal with is insurance. Current insurance policies, as well as your agent’s contact information, should be kept safely inside a secure storage unit, such as a fireproof filing cabinet.

2. Medical Information

This can also include your medical insurance and other documents that may help for checkups or medical emergencies. A list of your family’s doctors, the contact information of all your preferred pharmacies, or prescription medications can also go into the filing cabinet for safekeeping.

3. Birth Certificates

You’ll be asked for your birth certificate for a lot of things – to enrol in school, to obtain a passport, to secure a driver’s license, to get married, and to apply for government or private benefits such as insurance or a retirement fund. If you have kids, you’ll also need their birth certificates for school enrolment. It is fairly easy (and cheap) to get a copy of your birth certificate, so it’s a good idea to have one stored in a fireproof safe or cabinet, one in a safety deposit box, and one with a trusted friend or family member.

4. Wills, Deeds, and Titles

Original wills are best kept with the family lawyer or in a safety deposit box. Copies of the will, however, are okay to store at home, preferably in a safe, and another copy can stay with the executor of the will. Documents that prove what you own are also important to store away, such as property deeds, or your car title. You’ll need them if you’re refinancing, selling, or transferring the titles for estate planning.

5. Passports

Your passport will stand in for all your personal identification purposes if your other IDs are stolen or lost. It is also a requirement if you’re planning on travelling and exploring the world, so it’s important to protect yourself from theft and fires.

6. Financial Documents

Important papers that are related to retirement plans, investments, and bank accounts should be protected, as well. You can never know when something hits your home such as a tornado or fire, so it’s best to store away documents that can help you gain access to funds in the event of a disaster.

Other Things That Can Go Inside a Fireproof Safe or Cabinet

Special photos, family heirlooms, expensive jewels, and even “homemade” videos that should be kept away from prying eyes can also go into a fireproof filing cabinet. Anything that you consider valuable, important, and private should be stored away, which is what makes these durable storage units such a worthwhile investment.