Guardall Safes


As a brand that's proudly one of Australia's very own, Guardall continues to provide the best security in residential and commercial buildings through their premium-quality safes Sydney. But how was the company founded? Do their products really live up to the company's reputation? And what can you expect when you invest in Guardall safes for your home or place of business? We stock a full range of Guardall products here at Buy-A-Safe. But that's not all we offer. Because we have such a wide range of products from several leading brands in our store, we can understand if you have trouble choosing a safe to buy./

In this post, we're taking a closer look at the safes from Guardall to help you decide if their products suit your secure storage needs and budget.

About Guardall Safes

Founded in 1982, Guardall has come a long way from being a small manufacturing company to the internationally-known brand it has become today. They're more than just a manufacturing business, too.

The professionals of Guardall also specialise in safe installations to ensure that products are bolted or fitted properly under the floor, on them, or inside the walls of commercial and residential establishments.

Available types of safes

One of the reasons Guardall is so well-known for their safes Sydney is because of the variety they offer. No matter what your secure storage needs are, they have it all.

They supply:

  • Bank safes
  • Drug safes
  • Jewellers' safes
  • Cash safes
  • Vaults
  • Business safes
  • Wall safes
  • Floor safes
  • Gun safes
  • Fireproof safe

What are other leading brands in Australia?

Competition in the security products industry is fierce. CMI safes, for example, from the family-owned CMI Safe Co., are also known all over Australia for manufacturing and selling commercial-grade safes that are used in government and bank institutions.

Burg Wachter, a German brand, is another worthy competitor of Australia’s Guardall safes. Then you have Locktech, Diplomat, Chubbsafes, among others. For professional locksmiths, however, Guardall and CMI safes would arguably be the top two brands to choose from.

How much do Guardall safes cost?

You’ll hardly find a Guardall safe that costs under $600, even for a small one. But trust us when we say that you’ll get your money’s worth. When it comes to security safes in Sydney, you can generally expect something better the more the price goes up. That’s because you’re also paying for better technology, sturdier material, and more room for your valuables.

If you’re looking for an office safe, something under $1,000 will usually be enough for documents or data storage devices. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a medium-sized or large safe, you can expect to pay upwards of $3,000 — a bargain if you consider all the benefits to your business.

Get a Guardall safe now from Buy-A-Safe

In our office or fireproof safe buying guides, we tell customers all the time to consider their options and security needs before they jump into buying a home or office safe. But with so many brands out there, it can be tough to make a choice.

Don’t worry, our security experts are here to help you choose the perfect high-security storage container that suits your needs. If you have your eyes set on one of the Guardall safes, give us a call today. We’ll help you determine whether it has all the features you need. Just dial 1300 405 200.