Having a gun safe is mandatory for any gun owner. You don't want to be charged for faulty firearm storage. However, you also don't want to spend too much on a safe and still want to be assured that you have your firearms stored properly. It isn't particularly hard to find a safe in Sydney, because the demand is there: about 2 per cent of Sydney's population own shooting licenses, and a significant portion of that population owns private firearms. At first, you need to clarify some things in order to find a cheap and reliable gun safe.

For starters: how much protection do you think you need?

Fire-proof safes, for example, offer a lot of additional safety but add to the costs. Safes with thicker walls can also cost more, depending on the composition material. You should also think about the height of the safe; typically, about 1500mm height is recommended for storing 800mm long rifles, as room for a top-shelf is irreplaceable.

Should you opt for convenience and choose a safe with a digital-access code or choose longevity by opting for a mechanical lock, is entirely up to you. You can also opt for used safes, which can be hard to come by as not that many people give up their firearms. Rifle safes are essential for anyone who owns firearms, and you should follow typical buying advice when shopping for gun safes. That includes buying gun safes with a warranty, not buying safes that are bigger than your intended storage, and generally choosing the safe that you think has the best cost/quality ratio on the market.

Our company offers rifle safes and gun safes for all weapon categories permitted in Australia. If you live in Sydney, you can pay a visit to our local shop; alternatively, you can opt for shipping.