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Choosing the Best Location for Home Safes Melbourne

Getting yourself one of the best fireproof safes for home may be the most worthwhile purchase you can make in your lifetime, but if you want to provide maximum protection for your valuables, you’ll also need to place the safe somewhere where burglars won’t easily access or find it.

To help our customers find the perfect spot for their safes, we’re sharing our insight on the ideal areas in your home that can help protect your important items from theft or damage.

Where not to Store or Mount your Safe?

If you had to guess where most people keep their security safes at home, where would it be? If you answered “master bedroom,” you’d be right.

According to statistics, burglars first check the bedroom since they understand that homeowners naturally want to keep their valuables nearby. With this fact in mind, you’re better off avoiding this area for your safe then.

Buying fireproof safes for home is only one piece of the puzzle. After all, if the burglar can’t even find the safe, that adds an additional layer of protection for your valuables.

Great Location Ideas to Store Home Safes Melbourne

Examples of places that a burglar won’t likely search for your safe include:

  • The laundry room
  • A child’s bedroom
  • Kitchen pantry
  • Living room bookshelf
  • Under the living room floor
  • Under the stairs
  • In a secret compartment behind a bookshelf

One good strategy that can help you hide home safes in Melbourne is to think of a location that wouldn’t normally have a safe. For example, a floor safe that’s under a kitchen table is less obvious than one that’s in your bedroom closet.

Avoid Hot or Humid Areas

Having moisture in your safe can mean damage to the contents. Data and media such as photos and computer disks, for example, are sensitive to heat and humidity.

If you have the budget for it, consider throwing in a few extra dollars to get the best home safes in Australia with the best fire rating. Additionally, avoid areas that don’t have good ventilation and tend to accumulate moisture such as the basement.

Consider Floor Safes or Wall Safes

Inside the walls of your home or under your floorboards are also great places to hide your safe. This is why you frequently see the rich and influential hide their safes behind expensive paintings or under thick carpets in heist movies. They’re popular hiding places for a reason.

These types of safes, however, are a good choice if you’re just building your home so you have the exact specifications for the safe you’re planning to put in.

Final Words

Smaller safes are naturally easier to hide, but they are also easier for burglars to take. Heavier home safes should always be anchored, whether to a wall or on the floor.

Freestanding safes can still be a good option, provided that they’re heavy enough to make it difficult for burglars to simply walk them out the door. Regardless of the type of security features your safe has, having a proper location for them can help you rest easier knowing your treasured items are hidden and secure.