How To Install A Wall Safe


DIY Guide: How To Install a Wall Safe And Conceal It

Purchasing a wall safe is a great investment that allows you to protect various important items from theft, loss, and damage. But getting the safe is just one piece of the puzzle. The next step is having it installed in your home or office so you can start putting stuff in, and then finding a good way to conceal it from criminals. Below is a quick DIY guide on how to install a wall safe yourself and keep it hidden from prowling hands.

How to Install a Wall Safe in 3 Easy Steps

Step 1: Prepare the opening.

Before anything, you’ll need to have a hammer, level, drill, tape measure, and drywall saw for the project you’re about to undertake.

Use a stud sensor or hammer and nail to check where the wall studs are, then use a level to draw a rectangle (or square) following the specifications of the wall safe you’ve bought. Using the drywall saw, carefully cut out an opening, making sure to avoid any electrical wiring.

Step 2: Fill in any empty spaces.

Ideally, the safe should be installed close enough to a stud so you can attach your safe to it later. Otherwise, you can build a frame to place within the walls so your safe has a secure place to attach itself to.

Step 3: Insert and secure the safe.

Once you have the opening ready, you can now carefully mount the safe into the opening and press it flush against the wall. There should be screws provided so you can drill the safe to the studs securely, although this may require you to drill from the interior of the safe.

Now that we’re done sharing about how to install a wall safe, let’s talk about concealing it.

How to Hide a Wall Safe

This part is where many homeowners need to use their creativity. As soon as you figure out where to put your wall safe, you can start coming up with ideas on how to hide it.

One good option is to build a sliding bookshelf to cover the entire wall where your safe is. Or you can mount an inconspicuous painting or family photo. Yes, concealing a safe behind a painting can work. The trick is to make it look so natural that it throws away all suspicion or attention.

You may even have a fake vent or fake electrical outlet installed in your home depending on the size of your wall safe. There are really no rules. Just don’t forget to take into account how often you’ll need to access the safe.

Other locations where to put your wall safe:

  • At the back of a kitchen cabinet
  • Behind a pile of children’s toys
  • Behind a large piano, couch, or dressing cabinet
  • Behind a large indoor plant

When in Doubt, Consult the Experts

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