Cheap Gun Safes

Are Cheap Gun Safes Good Enough to Store Your Firearms?

Most people think you need to spend a fortune to buy a gun safe that can safely hold your firearms. But what if your budget is limited? Are cheap gun safes still an option?

In this post, we’re covering what you need to know if you need to buy a gun safe on a budget, including the pros and cons to expect.

What Are Gun Safes?

A gun safe is a kind of safe that contains specific design elements that are meant to store firearms and protect the contents from damage, unauthorised access, floods, fires, and other natural disasters. Gun safes resemble gun cabinets in their shape and interior, and these safes have mostly replaced gun cabinets because of their superior durability and added security features.

Now that you know what gun safes are, let’s take a closer look at cheap gun safes so you can evaluate for yourself if they are good enough for your storage and security needs.

Pros and Cons of Owning Cheap Gun Safes


  • Easier on the wallet - Naturally, the biggest advantage is the affordability. The good news is that there’s no shortage of cheap rifle safes on the market, which means you have plenty of options.
  • Generally more lightweight - If you change homes often, then owning a lighter safe may not be such a bad idea. They’re easier to move around, making them a secure yet portable storage unit.
  • Strong enough to protect your firearms - Even with affordable safes, you can still get something with a strong locking mechanism and sturdy material that deters potential thieves and keeps your firearms safe from external elements.


  • Less Security Features - You may have to do without fancy security features such as fingerprint identification or alarms with affordable gun safes. This doesn’t have to be a deal-breaker as classic safes are still known to be reliable.
  • No Warranty - Warranties are hard to come by even on moderately-priced gun safes, so it may be futile to expect one for an affordable safe.

What to ask yourself before you buy a safe:

Now that you know what the advantages and drawbacks are to owning a cheap gun safe, asking yourself a few simple questions can help you clarify if an affordable safe is what you need.

  1. What is the crime level in my area?

Naturally, if crime and violence are rampant in your location, then you may benefit more from a truly impenetrable safe, which puts cheap rifle or pistol safes out of the question.

  1. What natural disasters am I preparing for?

Depending on where you are, you may be more likely to experience floods, fires, tornadoes, etc. This is important to think about as you would need a safe that can protect your items and firearms when these disasters hit your home.

  1. How far am I willing to stretch my budget?

Some people are willing to pay only within a specific price range for a safe, while others have no trouble throwing in a few more dollars if they think they’re getting their money’s worth. Decide which of these two groups you fall under.

The bottom line is this: it doesn’t matter how expensive or affordable a gun safe is, as long as it serves its function. Cheap gun safes are still a good investment, but it all boils down to what your specific needs are and what features you can live without.