Key Cabinets

Why You Should Invest in Key Cabinets for Your Home or Office

For many people, among the most common items that easily get lost or forgotten are, of course, keys. Whether it’s the keys to the house, car, garage, or the door to your office, you may have already gone through your fair share of frustrations dealing with them and are looking for a solution. Fortunately, that’s what key cabinets are for.

What are key cabinets?

A key cabinet is a simple yet flexible solution that helps people manage their keys in any environment such as at home or in the office.

Because keys don’t usually take up a lot of space, you can easily find cabinets that can hold anywhere from 30 to 1,500 keys.

A key cabinet may function as a regular storage unit with a simple key lock, or as a key cabinet safe that prevents intruders and unauthorised people from gaining access to the keys.

High-security key cabinets will typically have a combination security system that also locks down the safe after a certain number of incorrect attempts to enter the code.

Businesses that benefit the most from key cabinets

While a key cabinet may be used in a variety of establishments, they provide the most advantage for people who work in car dealerships, hospitals, schools, vehicle service stations, real estate businesses, commercial office buildings, apartment complexes, and more.

Where should the key cabinets be placed?

To protect the keys in your home or office, a key cabinet must be placed somewhere that isn’t easily accessible to unauthorised people.

In-car dealership stores, for instance, there are cases where the cabinet is located outside of the office and almost exactly where the cars are. This makes it easy for people to take the keys and come back later to steal the vehicle.

Examples of ideal places to store a key cabinet are inside your bedroom or garage, if at home, and inside the manager’s office for business establishments.

Make sure that access to the cabinet is limited to only the most trusted family members or employees and keep the cabinet locked at all times, especially if there’s no one around to supervise the key cabinet.

How much key cabinets cost?

A key cabinet with a key-locking mechanism tends to be the most affordable option. However, it doesn’t offer much security. You can easily find a regular key cabinet for under $200, although the price may go higher depending on the number of keys you want to store.

For electronic locking cabinets that also function as a safe, expect to pay more than $300.

Key cabinet safes that have thicker walls, sturdier material, and more security features will typically cost more than $1,000, especially if you’re buying from reputable brands such as Guardall.

The takeaway

Key cabinets are a home or retail shop’s solution to having an effective key management system. As easy as it is to lose or forget about our keys, they are also easy to store and organise. And the best part is that these cabinets are available in different price ranges and security levels, which means there’s always something for everyone.