Lockable Drawers

If you're just starting out your company, you're likely bootstrapping it. The lack of a stable income stream makes it difficult for entrepreneurs to choose which products to purchase and which to leave for a more opportune time. Since every business has important documents to secure, one of the necessary investments is either lockable drawers or a more secure storage unit such as a commercial safe.

While the two are similar in that they are both storage containers that can hold a variety of different items, they're also very different in the level of security they offer.

Choosing Between Lockable Drawers or Office Safes

You are likely to have several items or documents in your place of business that needs to be organised. In such cases, buying a lockable drawer is usually enough.

Even if the business is just starting, however, you may be required to handle sensitive data that can spell disaster if they end up in the wrong hands. The same is true if your office frequently handles large amounts of cash or needs to store valuable items such as jewellery. When this happens, it's better to invest in high-quality commercial safes Melbourne.

The truth is that your business needs both types of storage containers. Depending on the budget and immediate needs of your company, the best choice may be to buy a lockable drawer first since they're cheaper, then purchase a safe afterwards.

Protecting Business Assets

Financial records, internal documents, and employee records need to be properly secured. Depending on which industry your company is in, you may be required by law to protect them. Below are other ways you can achieve that.

1. Shred or delete unnecessary documents.

There's likely no reason to keep employee records from fifteen years ago in lockable drawers. Aside from taking up valuable space, they may also fall into the wrong hands.

If you suspect you'll still need to retain certain documents, you can create a copy and save it in password-protected cloud storage.

2. Implement better internal policies.

Everyone in the company should be aware of the importance of data security. Aside from educating and training them on the best security practices, you may also want to change your internal policies to reflect the significance of securing company and customer data.

3. Consider making digital copies.

If your business is mostly dealing with physical documents, it may be time to go digital. Investing in a lockable drawer can only offer so much protection. While paper documents and hard copies are easily accessible, they're also prone to being damaged, destroyed, or stolen.

With cloud-based storage, you won't have to worry about the files getting ruined in a disaster. On the other hand, you'll need to invest in a reliable cybersecurity system to protect your digital assets from hackers.


As essential as it is to keep digital files, there are instances when physical documents should be kept to ensure the smooth operation of your business. Choosing between lockable drawers or office safes, however, largely depends on other factors such as your company’s security needs, budget, and available space.