Security Storage Cabinets

Looking for Security Storage Cabinets? Here’s What You Need to Know

Certain types of businesses benefit greatly from owning high security storage cabinets. They may not come cheap, but they offer a plethora of benefits to industrial and commercial establishments.

If you're considering buying a durable storage cabinet but don't know where to start, you're in the right place. In this post, we share what you need to know about industrial-grade storage cabinets so you can decide for yourself if they match your security and storage needs.

How are storage cabinets different from safes?

You can easily tell a safe from a high security storage cabinet just from the exterior. Most storage cabinets have two doors while safes only have one. The best way to distinguish a security storage cabinet from a safe, however, is to look at the shelves.

Heavy-duty storage cabinets are large secure containers with shelves that span the entire width of the cabinet, and these shelves usually have equal spacing in between. They may or may not have locks, too.

What storage cabinets and safes Brisbane do have in common is their durability. They can usually withstand high temperatures and immense force — very convenient in the event of a fire or earthquake.

Benefits of Security Storage Cabinets

1. Improves safety

Having a secure place to store dangerous tools and equipment can dramatically improve the safety of a work environment. Employees should also follow proper protocol and return any tools to their designated space after use.

Another great use for storage cabinets is for personal protective equipment (PPE), especially for workplaces that carry a risk to personal safety, such as construction sites and factories.

2. Easier to organise and track inventory

If you own an industrial business, you’re likely dealing with a lot of items that need to be properly organised. You need an effective storage system that includes plenty of shelving and racking solutions, storage cabinets, safes, and durable cupboards in your warehouse.

Storage cabinets also work best with controlled access so only authorised employees can take items in and out of the cabinets.

3. Increases security in storage

One of the primary concerns of business owners should be the security of their stock and premises. With high security storage cabinets, any important items and tools can be stored away at the end of each working day. Even if someone breaks into the establishment, stored items won't be completely exposed to theft or damage.

4. Variety of secure storage options

You'll find several types of secure storage cabinets on the market at varying price points, so it's likely you'll find a cabinet that matches your business' needs and budget.

Some cabinets will also have a higher level of security and come with advanced security features that you would normally find in a safe. This is ideal for businesses that want to store items that are valuable as well as crucial for business operations.


Before buying high security storage cabinets, it's imperative to know what to expect so your business can take full advantage of their features. Regardless if you're planning on purchasing a storage cabinet or safe for guns, medicine, or files, you can't go wrong choosing a secure storage container from our selection of products here at Buy A Safe. Click here to take a look at our products.