Anti Hold Up Safe

Want to Prevent Retail Theft? Buy an Anti Hold Up Safe

Shoplifting is on the rise in Australia. According to a recent study, retail stores have lost as much as $3 billion during the 2017 to 2018 financial year alone due to criminals. With thieves becoming more brazen, there’s no better time than now for retail business owners to seriously consider getting an anti-hold-up safe.

What is an anti-hold-up safe?

The main function of a safe is to provide security to its contents, whatever that may be. And to some degree, all safes are burglary-resistant due to their material and locking mechanism. There are, however, special safes with features that are specifically designed to prevent burglaries.

A deposit safe box, for instance, is a very good anti-hold-up safe. It allows you to deposit cash easily while giving thieves a hard time accessing the contents.

Other great burglary-resistant safes are time delay or time lock safes, combination safes, and safes with a good burglar rating such as a C-Rate or higher.

What are the benefits of owning anti-hold-up safes?

A simple analysis of the cost and advantages of a safe can help you decide if you should buy one. So here's a quick list of what you can gain:

Reduced losses

You can't know if theft break-in can end in a crippling financial loss for your store. Don't wait to find out. Having a burglary-resistant safe can cut your losses significantly, especially because it prevents criminals from running off with the business' profits and reduces the crime to petty theft.

Better peace of mind

A successful break-in isn't just stressful for the store owner, but for the employees as well. It's normal for them to feel they are, in some way, responsible for what happened. To prevent unnecessary conflict or strain within the business, it's better to have the necessary security measures in place, such as having a safe.

Can store more than just cash

Securing cash is crucial, but what about other business assets? Safes come in different types and designs, making it easy for you to find something that can also hold gadgets, important documents, and firearms.

Other ways to improve physical security

The security of your business is dependent on other measures to prevent theft and burglaries. Below are other things you can do to prevent crime-related loss:

  • Cash registers after business hours should be empty. If the money has to remain in the retail store overnight, keep the value at a minimum inside the safe.
  • Strategically position CCTV cameras both inside and outside the store. If possible, have them monitor all entrances that can clearly capture people’s faces.
  • Advertise the security measures in place to discourage potential thieves, such as by displaying posters of active CCTV cameras, alarm systems, and time-locked safes within the establishment.

Protect your profits with a burglary-resistant commercial safe

No one wants to think that their retail business can be targeted by criminals, but the risks are unfortunately there. Security systems and CCTV cameras already do a lot to discourage burglaries, but with the current rise of crime focusing on retail businesses, buying an anti-hold-up safe isn't just smart, it's crucial.