Platinum Safes

Will Platinum Safes Protect My Business From Burglaries?

With so many options of premium home and office safes Australia to choose from, many online shoppers now face a common dilemma called “choice overload”. The fact is, there are several well-known safe brands in Australia that provide virtually unbeatable security for valuables, cash, and other assets for your business. One of them is Platinum Safes.

Platinum Safes, a Brand for Businesses

As one of the country’s leading manufacturers of high-security storage containers, Platinum Safes has certainly gained a remarkable reputation since the company was launched in 2013.

And like many other companies that sell security products, their goal is to improve the security of businesses and reduce the crime rates related to theft and burglaries in homes and offices.

What edge does the brand have over other competing brands?

If you’re planning to buy a safe that can withstand more severe methods of opening, such as by drilling, the company has a decent selection of products to choose from that are torch and drill resistant.

Many security safes Australia companies only offer protection through complex locking mechanisms. But this may not be enough if you’re dealing with professional burglars who are desperate to get away with something valuable.

Perhaps one of the crucial factors that make Platinum Safes stand out from other safe brands is that they innovate and adapt to the constantly changing landscape of the security industry. As anyone who works in security knows, if you don’t adapt, you’re vulnerable and putting your home or business at risk.

Are they a solid investment against burglaries?

The short answer is: yes. If you choose a product from this company that does meet the unique security needs of your business, then you’re making one of the best investments of your life.

For instance, if you live in an area that experiences bushfires more often, then you can’t go wrong with a fireproof gun safe Australia.

Our best advice is to assess the common security risks of your specific industry before you decide to buy a safe. This can help you decide on the appropriate cash rating and security features to make your purchase count.

Types of safes they have available:

  • Key cabinet safes
  • Pistol safes
  • Rifle safes
  • Fire-resistant filing cabinets
  • Floor safes
  • Drug safes
  • Home safes
  • Office safes
  • Cash deposit safes

The Platinum company understands the value of variety, especially because different businesses benefit from different kinds of safes.

How much do the safes cost?

Because the brand focuses on providing premium-quality safes, you won’t easily find something that costs under $500 — a bargain considering how much money you end up saving by protecting your assets from fire and theft.

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We understand that due to the sheer number of different safes in Australia out there to choose from, buying online can be overwhelming. This is why we encourage you to talk to a safes expert who can help you decide on a product that suits you, whether it’s from Platinum Safes, CMI Safe Co., or any other established brand. Get in touch with a safe expert now by calling 1300 405 200.