Our range of locking solutions are packed with innovative features to deliver business users a safe lock to suit their individual needs. From basic gun safe locks to complete cash in transit locking systems, Smartlock Digital products are the leaders in the industry. Our products provide the highest level of security for: Made to exacting standards, many of the safe and ATM range is certified to both Group 1 Underwriters Laboratory (UL) & European VDS KL2 manipulation proof rating. We also have a lock model available for SCEC approved Australian government B class applications. Our locks are not only designed to keep criminals out, but also provide internal management systems to enable management to properly manage access and tighten internal security. Many of our products offer audit trails and time scheduling, telling you who has accessed the lock and when. Other varied options such as dual combinations and multi leveled access, allow the user to select the best possible features to suit their needs and organisation. Smartlock products are not only suitable for new safes and ATM’s, but also easily retrofitted in place of existing hardware, allowing complete systems to be simply upgraded at once. Bank Safes Vaults Commercial Safes Government Containers & Cabinets Automatic teller machines (ATMs) Cash In Transit Operations Jewellery Safes Drug Safes About the Manufacturers Smartlock Digital is proudly associated with the Kaba Group Safe Locking Products which includes the Kaba AG , Kaba Mauer, Kaba Mas and Lagard brands. The Kaba Group is the world’s foremost manufacturer of safe, vault and ATM locking products with over 140 years experience in the manufacture of safe locks and locking components. The Kaba Group has manufacturing facilities in Switzerland, Germany and the United States of America, all supported by a global network of distributors such as Smartlock Digital. The Kaba, Kaba Mauer, Kaba Mas and Lagard brands represent the very finest in safe, vault and ATM locking solutions. All of which is underpinned by product and operational certifications to current CEN , UL, EN VdS and ISO:9001 Standards. Kaba AG (KSW) Based in Wetzikon, Switzerland KSW specializes in the development and production of electronic high-security safe locks. At KSW a dedicated team of designers continually test the boundaries of traditional safe, vault and ATM locking to ensure the very highest of standards and the latest innovations are available to customers and end users. The KSW team is responsible for innovations such as fully redundant electronic vault locking and leading edge network addressable safe locks. All of course, certified to the highest EN, VdS, UL and ISO standards. Kaba Mauer (KHM) Based in Heiligenhaus, Germany, at the heart of the German lock industry, KMH has a long tradition of manufacturing high quality safe locks and components stretching back to 1864. At Heilingenhaus the team of skilled staff assembles and test locks while also producing keys, hinges and fittings. Since 1993 KMH has also been manufacturing in Bad Berka, Germany. Here a team of highly skilled personnel are responsible for producing KMH’s precise and innovative products. All manufactured utilising state of the art tool making, pressroom operations and components works. Electronic component production, boltwork and lock assembly is also undertaken at Bad Berka. Kaba Mas & Lagard (KML) Based in Lexington, Kentucky in the United States of America, KML has a proud history of producing high quality mechanical and electronic safe locks. With a long and well proven commitment to innovation and responsiveness KML is an acknowledged leader in safe locking. Operating from a high quality manufacturing facility at Lexington, at the centre of the US safe locking industry, the team at KML produce a wide range of mechanical and electronic safe locks. In 2006, following the acquisition of Lagard by the Kaba Group, all Lagard operations were relocated from Torrens, California, (Lagard’s home for over 20 years) to Lexington. This consolidation of talent, expertise and passion has ensured that Lagard continues to deliver the high quality product for which it’s name has become synonymous.