Strong Room Doors and Frames – The Mother of all Doors! Not only should we protect our homes from natures elements like fire or from shrewd criminals - we should also consider protecting our businesses. The most effective and reliable way to protect our work place and the people that work in there is to install the mother of all doors…Commercial Grade Strongroom Doors & Frames! They are fire, force, drill and explosive resistant – nothing is getting through these doors and frames! Imagine feeling completely at ease knowing that your staff, property and business are safe. Leaving you to do what you do best without having to worry in the event of an emergency or giving you peace of mind knowing your property is not vulnerable to criminals – especially over the holiday season! Buy-A-Safe’s most popular strong room door and frame is the CD2 - Strongroom door Commercial Grade (EDF) with combination and key Lock. DOOR: Total Security door thickness of 100mm and, over all the vital lock areas, the heavy steel front section is supported by drill-resistant hardened plate. Fitted to the rear of the door is a fire pan, with approved high fire resistance compound. Doors can be made to fit any sized wall opening and can be ordered as left hand or right hand hinging. LOCKING: The locking is provided by a high quality 1,000,000 change Combination lock and a 6 lever pick resistant Key lock. Also comes with 2 automatic relockers, adjustable heavy duty hinges with hardened pins on a ball bearing axis. FRAME: The heavy steel frame is 125mm x 125mm x 6mm, with a threshold plate on the bottom (125mm x 18mm). The bolt work consists of 25mm diameter heavy, high grade steel bolts locking into the special locking chambers at the rear and front of the door. FIRE RESISTING: Fire pan fitted to rear door with approved high fire resisting compound. Fire resisting for 1 hour! • Internal release mechanism standard. • Door may be ordered with either left or right hand hinging. • Door can be manufactured to suit any size wall opening. • Digital combination, duress and time delay locks may be fitted as an optional extra. CLEAR DOOR OPENINGS: 1950mm x 710mm CLEAR MASONRY OPENING REQUIRED: 2030mm x 830mm WEIGHT: 305kg has a wide range of strong room doors and frames – view entire range of safes here! Buy-a-Safe delivers right around Australia so no matter where you are, we can help! Contact our friendly staff for more information about strong room doors and frames on 1300 405 200