Best Gun Safes For Pistols

5 Best Gun Safes For Pistols

To be able to fulfil the role of being a responsible gun owner, it is necessary to understand the importance of securely storing firearms. Simply buying a gun safe that complies with state laws may not be enough when it comes to ensuring that guns have no way of being accidentally placed in the hands of children or taken by intruders. Because of the dangers that a gun could bring, it is necessary to make sure that its storage remains secure and strong enough to withstand any unauthorised manipulation attempts.

In this article, we will recommend the best gun safes for pistols to help you with your search. But before we get to that, let's first find out which key factors were considered to round up the list.

  • Size and Thickness: The bigger, thicker, and heavier a gun safe is, the more difficult it will be to crack open.
  • Ease-of-use: User-friendly gun safes allow more comfortable access.
  • Lock Mechanism: A good gun safe requires a lock that is durable or impenetrable by anyone other than its owner.
  • Price: The features of the gun safe should be worth its price. Not all expensive gun safes are better. Their features should also be considered when conducting price comparisons.
  • Warranty: In cases of product damage, gun safes should have a warranty to protect this investment.

With these things in mind, it is now a lot easier to narrow down the search and finally find the best gun safes for pistols. Here are 5 of them.

1. Platinum HP3 Hunter Heavy Duty Pistol Safe

You will feel confident that your pistol is safely locked away in a Platinum Pistol Safe. This heavy-duty safe, with 10mm body and door thickness, is resistant against an attack featuring massive interlocking bolts, re-locking device, anti-drill plate, and 3-way locking. It offers 5 years warranty and has a recommended cash rating of $10,000.


External: 500H x 400W x 350D

Internal: 475H x 365W x 260D

Weight: 80KG

2. CMI Pistol PS2

CMI Safe Co. is the most trusted homegrown safe brand in Australia. The CMI PS2 Pistol Safe has all 10mm construction, with one removable shelf, and complies with government standards. This safe is fitted with 6 lever key locks and a 12mm bolt hole in the back and base for mounting.


External: 305H x 400W x 305D

Internal: 284H x 365W x 215D

Weight: 51KG

3. Guardall - T60

Guardall has a wide range of gun safes that can accommodate the individual weapon owner or the serious gun collector. The size of the Guardall-T60 allows both pistol and ammunition storage. It is police approved in all states and territories, with a pick resistant lock and bolt holes at its base and back for anchoring. It carries 5 years warranty and 12 months for its locks.


External: 250H x 350W x 250D

Weight: 25KG

4. Secuguard - AP-302KP

Rated Category H for Hand Guns NSW, the Secuguard-AP-302KP is built from heavy steel plates with concealed internal hinges to offer a high level of protection. It has quality Australian made six-lever locks that are pick resistant and set on a hardened steel plate. This pistol safe has a two-year warranty on its body and a 12-month warranty on locks.


External: 300H x 380W x 300D

Internal: 287H x 367W x 229D

Weight: 35KG

5. Chubbsafes Pistol Safe

The cheapest and smallest on this list, the Chubbsafes Pistol Safe. It may not have the special security features of the above-mentioned gun safes but, this brand is known internationally for its unique combination of robustness, reliability, and modern designs. The Chubbsafes Pistol Safe is burglary resistant with Ross key lock, bolt down holes, and Level 2 Theft Protection. It has a welded lock strap behind its lock and incorporates anti-drill protection. Any claim under its warranty must be made within 12 months from the date of the purchase.


External: 140H x 320W x 250D

Internal: 128H x 308W x 218D

Weight: 16KG

Following this guide or picking any of our selections could help you make the best decision for choosing the best gun safe for your pistol. To learn more and check other products, get in touch with one of our professionals at Buy A Safe. Buy A Safe has Australia's largest range of online safes and vaults only from the best safe manufacturers in Australia.