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Our Top 5 Favourite Commercial Safes from Chubb Safes

Here at Buy A Safe, we are no strangers to security products. From small cash boxes to large gun safes, we've seen and sold them all. And one brand that we never fail to have in our inventory is Chubb Safes.

Anyone who spends considerable time working with and around the home and office safes knows that Chubbsafes is one of the best when it comes to securing belongings and business assets.

So for this post, we've decided to feature five of our favourite products from Chubbsafes and highlight what makes them ideal for commercial establishments.

1. Chubb Safes DuoGuard Grade 1

A home that can't be burglarised can still catch on fire, unfortunately. Because Australia has more than a handful of areas that frequently experience bushfires, getting an office safe with fire resistance is a necessity.

The good news is that with the ChubbSafes DuoGuard, you get protection from both theft and fire. And when a fire takes place, the product guarantees protection for your paper documents for up to an hour, which can be enough time for the fire to be neutralised by the proper officials.

2. Omni Drawer Trap Deposit Safe Size 7 Digital Locking

If you need a secure container that doesn't require opening to deposit cash and confidential papers, the Omni Drawer Trap Deposit Safe is a solid choice. With its digital locking mechanism, it offers better security yet more convenient access for authorised personnel to inspect the contents of the safe.

3. ChubbSafes Data Plus Media Safe - Size 2

Data and media devices are just as important to protect from fire and water damage as paper documents. While tech companies benefit the most from having data cabinets or safes, any establishment that has important storage devices and media to protect should invest in a ChubbSafe Data Plus Media Safe.

4. Europa Grade V - Size 6 - Key + LG39E Digital Lock

Financial institutions typically need safes that provide the highest level of protection from burglaries. The Europa Grade V is one such safe. With its $300,000 cash rating, anti-burglary material and construction, and large capacity, you'll be hard-pressed to find a safe that offers better protection for cash, jewellery, and other assets your business shouldn't lose.

Another lucrative feature about the Europa Grade V safe is that it comes with two types of locking mechanisms to provide business owners with more control over who has access to the safe. And with the Chubb safe manual that comes with your purchase of this product, learning how to maintain the safe and use the different security features is easy and stress-free.

5. Chubb Safes Viper Size 70

When your business is still in the middle of a growth phase, you may find yourself needing a medium-sized secure storage container. The Viper product line from Chubb Safes ranges from a capacity of 19 to 91 litres which in our opinion offers enough storage for small businesses.

With a cost of just under $1,000, this safe has a 71-litre capacity, can provide up to 30 minutes of protection in case of fires, and is certified to level S2 burglary protection -- a good deal when you consider all you get for its value.

Interested in a Chubbsafes safe?

As someone interested in providing the best security for your assets, you may have trouble choosing from the many available Chubb Safes products on the market. If one of the products mentioned in our post caught your attention and you would like to know more, or if you'd like to ask about products from other popular safe brands, don't hesitate to call one of our safe experts on 1300 405 200.