Best Home Safes Australia

Why the Best Home Safes Australia Are Worth the Higher Price Tag?

One of the challenges for most buyers is figuring out how to shop for quality products at bargain prices. When shopping for the best home safes Australia, however, you may have to prepare to spend more money than usual. Not only are quality home safes made from a sturdier material, but they also have more security features, thicker walls, and adjustable shelves for convenient storage. Below, we take a closer look at why the best home safes cost more money and why they’re worth the additional expense.

Why buy a safe?

Safes are a lifetime investment and one that you rely on to protect the most valuable and important items you own. They do more than just protect your items from theft, too. For instance, fireproof safes for home can offer up to 6 hours of protection in the event of a fire. With that said, you'll find people who think that cheap safes are enough to keep your items protected. After all, "some protection is better than nothing at all." To make your purchase count, however, it’s often best to invest in something more durable and offers more security features.

Why the best home safes in Australia are more expensive

There are different types of home safes to choose from: home wall safes, gun safes, filing cabinet safes, key safes, and fireproof safes for home are just some of them.

Regardless of the type of home safe you get, there are some factors that high-end safes have in common that justify their often steep price.

They usually have a cash rating.

Quality safes will have a cash rating, which is the amount of money you put in a safe that an insurance company is willing to cover. If you want to store valuable items such as jewellery, you may want to talk to your insurance company about how much protection you’ll need for them.

They are more durable.

The best home safes in Australia tend to be larger and heavier, mainly due to the thickness of the walls and doors which offer a good layer of protection. Thicker walls, however, also mean that you won't have a lot of storage room if you’re going for a small home safe. If you plan on storing larger items such as firearms or medium-sized art pieces, it’s best to choose a large safe. Most sturdy safes also have an all-steel design. This provides excellent protection against burglars or intruders who may want to break your safe open.

They have more features.

The most popular safes today are electronic, running on battery and usually having three or more bolts to keep the safe door sealed shut. Available options for the locking mechanism include key locks, electronic keypads, biometric scanners, and more. Safes that are built to withstand emergency situations, such as fireproof safes for home, may have more design features that enhance the durability of the safe, too. Other safes may have all the bells and whistles of a luxury product. Examples of these fancy features include a LED-lit and fully carpeted interior, adjustable shelves, storage areas for firearms, and 24-hour customer support.


If you’re looking for a storage unit to protect your most valuable possessions from theft and damage, your best bet is to choose from the best home safes Australia has to offer. While they tend to be more pricey, they’re also lifetime investments that is well worth their cost.