What To Look For In A Home Safe


As burglary cases rise in most parts of the world, more and more people understand the value of keeping their valuables and important documents in a secure location, such as a home safe. There are quite a number of high-quality and reliable home safes available in the market today. It is, however, confusing to find the best safe that will suit your home, especially if you are a first-time buyer. Here, we will discuss what to look for in a home safe. Hopefully, reading this article will help you ease your way into finding the safe for your home.

Important Factors on What to Look for in A Home Safe

A high-quality home safe should have distinct characteristics that are unique from other units. Here are the features you need to consider:

Size and Weight

Home safes come in different sizes, from small lockers to large vaults. You need to check both the external and internal dimensions of the safe to make sure that it can hold all the valuables you want to place inside.

As for its weight, the rule of thumb is: the heavier a home safe is, the harder it is to crack. Naturally, heavy home safes are made of strong materials such as solid steel. This is what makes them heavy and difficult to manipulate. Therefore, it can hold your items more securely.

Storage Capacity

Before considering the purchase, it is crucial to identify first how much cash or which important documents and valuables you would like to store inside. Once you know what things you need to keep inside the safe, you will have an idea of how big you want the safe to be. Listing down the valuables that you want to store will also help you identify which type of safe you will need. For example, if you are a gun owner, it goes without saying that you should find gun safes that can hold both your valuables and gun at the same time.

Fire and Water Protection

If you have some treasured memorabilia or other irreplaceable documents that you are planning to keep in your safe, it is best to select a fire-resistant safe. This safe will not only protect your valuables from theft they can also save your belongings for fire and water-related catastrophes.

Locking System

Some available locking mechanisms are: electronic, biometric, mechanical, and combination. You can also find safes with a re-locker feature. Choosing your locking system will depend on what will give you the best ease of use. Be sure that you won't find it difficult to open your safe and learn how to operate them correctly. A re-locker feature is also ideal since it will help lock up your safe in the event that an unauthorised person tries to manipulate it. Your safe will be sealed in until a locksmith comes to help you unlock it again.


A good measure to take when choosing the right home safe for you is to consider your budget. The best home safes will not come cheap. But they will give better protection for your valuables. Think about how much you value the assets you'd like to secure and make sure the safe you buy is worth their value.  Remember that getting a safe is an investment in your security.


Buying the best home safe in Australia from a reputable brand will assure you that you are getting the most value for your money. They are usually made of strong materials and have undergone rigorous tests to pass international standards. Their facilities afford them to build the best products in the market and you can be sure that they won't easily break when under attack or during a fire and natural disasters. They will also have special features that are unique to their kind and continue to innovate their models to improve vulnerabilities. The latest model from a well-known brand is a home safe you should watch out for.

With these features in mind, you can be sure to know what to look for in a home safe. Researching more about the various models available in the market will help in finding the one that will suit you best. For more information about fireproof safes for home or a piece of advice on whether to get a floor safe or not, don't hesitate to give us a call at 1300 405 200.