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Drug Safes

Adequate medicine storage is essential for ensuring medications are only used by those who require them. This is why drug safes are becoming more frequently used in residential and commercial settings. Read more


Does Your Business Need a Drug Safe?

In commercial settings, such as pharmacies and hospitals, medication safes are an important security asset. They ensure that prescription medications are securely stored and can only be accessed by trained and trusted staff members. These medicine safe lock boxes will have a digital locking system or a traditional lock and key mechanism to prevent unauthorised access.

However, as a further security measure, it’s also advisable that you conduct thorough background checks when hiring new employees and limit the number of employees with access to the safe. This is extremely important to prevent misuse of medicines.

Protect Your Family With a Medication Safe

While they may sometimes be called pharmacy safes, you can also get medical and medication safes for your home too. You may not need one as large as the one used in a pharmacy though.

Locking medicine away in a secure storage safe at home is important for keeping your loved ones and pets safe. This is because accidental ingestion of medication is a common cause of poisoning in small children and pets worldwide. Similarly, it also prevents your medication from being stolen or misused. This is a particular risk with restricted drugs that are addictive.

Therefore, a secure drug safe is an excellent investment for your home, as well as the safety of your family. Like other medicine safes and lock boxes, you can choose a unit that locks with a traditional key or one that has a digital locking mechanism. Just remember to keep the key somewhere safe that other people cannot access or to keep the combination to the safe a secret.

Must-Have Pharmacy Safe Features

Some of the most sought-after features in a medical safe relate to their materials, capacities and locking mechanisms. Firstly, you want your safe to be made from a material that is rustproof and robust. This ensures that the safe cannot be easily broken into, bypassing the lock. Typically, safes are constructed using robust, 10 millimetre thick steel sheets — you’ll find the Buy A Safe range of drug safes at a minimum are made this way, along with additional reinforcement.

When it comes to storage requirements, these vary depending on the setting the safe is to be used in. In commercial settings, like pharmacies, larger safes with more shelves are generally preferred to accommodate the volume of inventory that is usually kept on site. However, if you’re looking for a medication safe for your home, you may prefer a smaller model. This will likely easily fit all your medications while also limiting the amount of space the safe takes up. You’ll find the range of safes we have at Buy A Safe have capacities suitable for a range of commercial and residential settings.

For many customers, the locking mechanism is the most important feature of any medicine safes. Our collection of safes includes traditional key locking mechanisms and modern digital locking systems. It is usually a case of personal preference as to which is most suitable for you, although safes with digital locks can be more expensive.

Shop for Any Safe At Buy A Safe

Here at Buy A Safe, we stock a huge selection of medication safes, but we also have many other types of safes you may be interested in for your home or business. For instance, as bushfires become more of a regular issue in many parts of Australia, storing precious items or important documents in a fireproof safe is a must. These safes can help protect your valuables even as a fire rages around them. Similarly, many homeowners like to have a home safe to protect valuables from thieves.

There are also a range of safes that many businesses find an integral part of their security system but also as an effective organisation solution too. For example, for any business that regularly deals with multiple keys, such as a hotel or car dealership, a key safe or key cabinet is a must. It doubles as both an easy organisation system while also minimising the risk of keys being stolen.

Additionally, many businesses can benefit from filing cabinet safes. These safes are perfect for storing important documents in an organised manner while limiting access to select individuals. Using these safes can help protect your business against corporate espionage or maintain confidentiality with clients and customers.

Trust Buy A Safe for Top-Quality Safes

If you’re after a high-quality safe, whether it’s a drug safe or another type of safe, you’ll find it at Buy A Safe. Plus, you’ll love the Buy A Safe experience. Our expert team can help you find the safe you need. Whatever you’re looking for, we can offer you a great deal on premium safes from a variety of trusted manufacturers. Get a safe today from Buy A Safe!

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