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Fireproof Safes

Storing documents and valuables in a regular safe will not guarantee that they’re protected in a fire. As reliable as safes are against theft, they may not be able to protect flammable and heat-sensitive items such as cash, paper files, and digital media from fire damage. This is why many businesses and homes invest in more durable storage options such as fireproof safes.

Buy A Safe sells an extensive range of both home and commercial fireproof safes to suit every budget. We also offer a wide selection of styles and sizes so that you can protect your assets in the most effective, appropriate and affordable way possible.

Fireproof Home Safes

Fireproof home safes are the standard safe for storing precious personal items. They are compact, space-saving boxes with simple yet effective locking systems for your ease and convenience. Home safes vary in style, with some having adjustable shelving for space optimisation and organisation. You can choose from key, combination or digital locks, and can be assured that any fireproof safe box you purchase from Buy A Safe will have solid doors and reliable bolt-work. A secure and robust fireproof safe for your home will be a significant comfort whenever you are away from the house.

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Fireproof Document Boxes

When it comes to keeping documents secure and safe from fire damage, fireproof filing cabinets, safes, and document boxes will all do the trick. What sets fireproof document boxes apart is the fact that they are specifically made to store files, folders, and record books. Their large frame and shelving design makes them the best option for bulkier items.

Before purchasing, it should be noted that fireproof document safes are heavier and take up more space than other storage options, but only because they can store more items. Customers can select from a range of locking mechanisms, including dial or combination locks, digital numeric keypads, biometric locks, and the classic lock and key.

Fireproof Data Safes

Dealing with the destruction of USB sticks and computer hard drives can be incredibly difficult, as these items are often home to our most cherished memories and important documents. Unfortunately, computer media such as these are extremely vulnerable to high temperatures. Fireproof data safes are specifically designed to protect computer media, as well as other heat-sensitive items such as photographs. A high-quality data safe can offer up to two hours of heat protection for electronic media, and will be both fire and waterproof in order to prevent water damage. This is the kind of product Buy A Safe provides.

Fireproof Cabinets

Fireproof cabinets are large, multi-purpose cabinets that are suitable for home or business owners seeking to protect a number of items from damage or theft. Buy A Safe’s fireproof cabinets prevent their contents from experiencing fire damage for 30 minutes, to one hour, to even two hours and more. This feature can be absolutely crucial during a fire, as long-running businesses tend to have years’ worth of physical records that are yet to be digitised. Purchasing a fireproof cabinet will ensure that important information and irreplaceable items are safe.

Fireproof Filing Cabinets

The idea and design behind fireproof filing cabinets is similar to that of regular fireproof cabinets. The difference is that filing cabinets encourage organisation and neat, simple storage. For many home and business owners, keeping a document safe is only half the battle. It is often just as important for them to have a designated place to file said document, and to be able to source it quickly and easily when required. Fireproof filing cabinets make this task far easier, and prevent the likelihood of lost papers.

Haven’t Found What You’re Looking For?

By A Safe sells an expansive collection of high-quality safes. If you’re struggling to find a safe that suits your needs perfectly, consider our more specialised storage options. For example, deposit safes are designed for the storage of cash and sensitive documents, usually in a commercial setting. Gun safes keep firearms away from children and thieves. Drug safes store medications safely away from pets and children, and overall deter potential theft. We also offer key cabinets, which are popular among business owners who often store several keys within their workplace.

Alternatively, you might be looking for security options that specifically cater to your space. At Buy A Safe, we encourage customers to consider their needs carefully to ensure they get the safe they want. Browse our commercial safes, home safes and security safes to see how our products adjust according to the needs of the client. You could also consider possibilities such as our wall mounted fireproof safes or, if you’re really stuck, opt for the popular Chubbsafe fireproof safe. Buy A Safe are also always happy to receive your call and chat about your security needs.

Where Can I Get a High-Quality Fireproof Safe in Australia?

Buy A Safe is one of the fastest growing safe sellers in Australia. We are a dedicated team of locksmiths and security experts who believe in providing affordable, effective safes to clients from all over the country. Representing only the best brands on the market, Buy A Safe sells products from brands including Diplomat, Secuguard, CMI, Guardall, and Burg Wachter. We also offer a Price Beat Guarantee to ensure that all customers get access to incredible deals.

When it comes to storage and security, it doesn’t get any better than Buy A Safe. Shop today and protect your assets forever.

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