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Firearms are strictly regulated in Australia. Regardless of your reason for owning a firearm — sport, hunting or collecting — you need to appropriately store your weapon and ammunition. A gun safe is the best way to do so. Buy A Safe offers safes for most firearm types.

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Why You Need a Gun Safe?

There are many reasons why, as a firearm owner, you need a gun storage safe. For starters, keeping your gun secured safely is one of the best ways to prevent accidents due to mishandling the weapon. As a firearm user, you will know the proper safety protocol to follow when handling the weapon and how it should be used. However, everyone else in your household may not be so knowledgeable. Keeping your gun safely locked away will limit access to untrained users, such as children. Doing so can save lives and avoid many accidents.

Locking your firearm away in an appropriate safe will also ensure it does not fall into the wrong hands. The best way to keep your gun safe from thieves is to have it safely locked away when you are not using it.

This not only helps protect your community, but, if you are a gun collector, it helps protect your gun collection. Your guns may be highly valuable monetarily and sentimentally — save yourself the heartache and the financial loss by investing in a safe.

Get The Features You Want At Buy A Safe

Depending on the category of firearm you own, as well as the state or territory you live in, there may be different requirements for how you store your firearm. It is important you complete your due diligence and do your own research, as well as following the conditions of your license.

In general, however, there are a few key requirements all Australian gun owners will want out of their firearm storage. You’ll find that all the gun storage options sold at Buy A Safe meet these requirements, as well as offering extra features!

Firstly, you want your gun storage safe to be strong and able to be securely locked. It should not be easy to force the safe to open, such as pulling back the door with tools like crowbars. Therefore, the safe should be solidly made and the hinges should not be easily overwhelmed. Similarly, the lock should not be easily removed and be of sturdy construction. Rather, a gun safe with a digital or biometric lock, such as a fingerprint reader, can be a good idea.

At Buy A Safe, all our gun safes are made from heavy duty steel and are made to withstand even the most skilled thief. They also have a range of lock styles, including digital locks, and multiple locking points.

The safe will also need to provide adequate storage for your firearms. For instance, you may need a different type of safe to store rifles than if you were storing pistols or handguns. Buy A Safe has a range of rifle cabinets and pistol safes. There are also multiple-gun safe options, such as 3, 5 and 10-gun safes.

Additionally, you will want to store your gun separately to your ammunition. Not only is this a legal requirement outlined in the Firearms Act 1996, but it is also an additional safety measure to prevent accidents. If somehow someone manages to access your gun, they will not be able to load it. Thankfully, to make things easier, Buy A Safe has a selection of safes that have separate lockable compartments so you can legally store your gun in the same safe as its ammunition.

You’ll find all the gun safes at Buy A Safe can either be secured to the wall or floor or weigh over 150kg. Some even meet both requirements for additional security!

Shop At Buy A Safe Today

If you’re interested in securing other valuables or protecting your family further, Buy A Safe has more than gun safes for sale. For instance, we have a huge selection of home safes, including fireproof safes, to store precious items and valuables. We also stock drug safes to securely store medications, whether it’s at home or at your business. You’ll find we have top-quality safes from some of the biggest and most trusted brands.

When you buy a firearm safe from Buy A Safe, you know that your firearms and your family will be safe. Not only that though, you know that you will get excellent customer service and the best prices on gun safes in NSW and Australia. So shop the range at Buy A Safe today!

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