Safes Sydney

Safes Sydney

If you are looking to purchase a safe in Sydney there are many reasons why you would consider purchasing from BuyaSafe online.

We are the recommended retailers for almost every top brand including Chubb, Platinum, Yale, CMI, etc... We not only stock Sydney's but Australia's largest range of security safes at unrivalled online prices including monthly specials of up to 50% off recommended retail prices.

BuyaSafe have also partnered with TNT Technology Express to offer instant online delivery quotes on all safes to any postcode in Sydney within 72 hours.

Further BuyaSafe are Sydney's original fully licensed locksmiths which enables us to offer premium security advice and after-market service.

All our safes come with quality guarantees which on many brands lasts for up to 5 years from purchase. So, whether you like to call Sydney the Emerald City or the Harbour City, if you are ready to purchase a safe, vault, cash box, security cabinet or wish to turn a whole room into a vault with one of our high security vault doors, BuyaSafe are here to help you make the right choice at the right price!

BuyaSafe is a Sydney based Australian owned customer service organisation with a focus on delivering premium quality safes at the most cost effective and value driven price that you can trust to protect your valuables.

Think you are safe from burglaries? Approximately 20,000 recorded thefts from dwellings occurred in NSW in 2017 according to the Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research. Attackers don’t just break into your house once, if you’ve been targeted before, statistically you are more likely now to be robbed again. Protect yourself now and buy a safe.

60% of all stolen items in burglaries are accounted for in cash, jewellery and identification documents, exactly the kind of items you would likely keep in a safe. If you are living in the Sydney area, we would recommend purchasing a CMI, Guardall or Chubb Safe as these all have Sydney offices. If you are looking for a good quality budget friendly safe, we recommend Secuguard.

We sell Chubb Safes online at Australia's lowest prices, up to 50% off recommended retail prices View our full range of Secuguard Safes for all your security needs As the name suggests, Guardall safes really will guard all. Guardall is a premium Australian brand that regularly provides excellent safes for the Australian Federal Police, professional locksmiths and now you! CMI Safes are a well known Australian Brand. Our full range of over 100 CMI Safes are currently on special, buy your CMI Cash Management Safe today at Australia's lowest prices

How purchasing a safe effects your Home and Contents Insurance:

Home and contents insurance is vital to protect your assets, which all Australians should possess. Although it may appear pricey, there are numerous ways to lower your insurance premiums while increasing your asset protection.

Most households keep valuable items in the home, that is why you should consider installing a safe. If you have valuable items worth protecting, then the benefits of a safe will always far outweigh the costs. Insurers will also look favourably upon safes and will benefit you interms of a reduced annual premium, asthere is less a likelihood of you making a high-value claim. A safe will also give you great peace of mind.

Installing a safe isn’t the only action that might save you money on your insurance. Other deterrent actions include installing a CCTV system or back-to-base alarm system.

Understanding the theft cover in your Home and Contents insurance:

On average cash, laptops, jewellery, cameras, mobile phones, wallets/handbags, ID documents, TVs, computer or video games, watches, video/DVD players, power tools and stereo/audio equipment in a home can be valued upwards of $60, 000. In the event of a burglary, significant costs could arise if some of these items are stolen or damaged.

Home and Contents insurance is so common and it will normally cover you for home theft or attempted theft, but this is not always the case. When you go on holiday or leave your house unoccupied for a prolonged while, you may not be covered past a specified period. If you are not taking things like laptops or jewellery outside the home, you’ll likely need extra optional cover to protect them, we recommend storing them inside a safe, which will reduce these costs.

Our tips on picking the right safe:

  1. Cash Rating – this usually indicates how burglar-resistant the safe is and is measured by the strength of the safe’s door and walls, the complexity of the locking mechanism, and the weight or difficulty in moving the safe. Therefore, the higher the cash rating, the safer the safe. Cash Rating differs from fire rating, and are uncorrelated, you should consider both when purchasing a safe.
  2. Fire Rating – this gives a measurement of how hot the safe can get and how long it can withstand this heat while maintaining its contents integrity. We recommend a minimum of a one-hour fire rating for safes which protect cash and vital documents
  3. Size – A small safe may provide sufficient security if it is bolted into the ground, if not a burglar may leave with the entire safe intact. Size plays a significant factor on weight, and the heavier the safe is, the harder it will be to steal.
  4. Portable or Permanent – will you need to move the safe or will it be bolted down.
  5. Locking Mechanism – A combination lock is recommended rather than a key as combinations are easy to remember or can be written down unlike keys which may be permanently lost.

Your home is valuable to you and to us and we are always available if you need our assistance. Should you decide that you do, please contact us on 1300 405 200 for information and expert advice.

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