where to put a key safe


The Best Place Where to Put A Key Safe

Key safes, also known as key cabinets, secure your keys and controls access to the items tied to them. They are ideal to use for businesses like hotels, car showrooms, rentals, equipment manufacturing, etc. Having a key safe will not only secure your property but, they also help make your business more organised and therefore helps it to run more smoothly. Before purchasing and installing the safe, you must consider these four things:

1. Size and Storage Capacity

Identify all the items you want to store inside. Make sure the size of the safe will be spacious enough to accommodate your keys, cards, and other valuables you want to keep inside. Take note that keys must have enough space to be easily identified and conveniently taken in and out of the safe.

2. Material

Your key cabinet should be able to resist tampering attempts. Thickness and durability comprise the safe's ability to deter thieves. Don't only look for a product made out of solid metals but also consider fireproof safes for added extra protection in case of a fire.

3. Locking Mechanism

Your key safe should have a secure lock. Try to go beyond key locks to eliminate the possibility of accidentally leaving them with all the other keys inside. Consider digital and biometric locking mechanisms to ensure maximum security and limited access.

4. Installation

Proper installation will prevent your key safe from being taken away by burglars. Make sure it is properly bolted to your wall and difficult to remove.

After addressing the above concerns, you are now ready to purchase a safe. The next step will be to install them. Determine which location you'd like to place it and start drilling.

Here are some tips on where to put a key safe.

1. Keep it hidden

Place your safe in a covert position, where it is away from plain sight. Any unauthorised person should not have a clear view of its location and how its handler opens it. Burglars can later mimic the way to access your property. Find a location that will not allow anyone else to see your safe or get a peek of how you open it.

2. Place your key safe near a security camera

It is wise to keep your safe where a security camera can get good footage of its access. This way, you can remotely monitor the use of its contents and have a clear view of any suspicious activities around your key safe.

3. Get some good lighting

Although shielded from unauthorised view, the best place to install your safe is somewhere that has good lighting. In this way, you can easily access your key safe and clearly check all its contents for inventory and tracking. Additionally, good lighting works well with surveillance cameras since it will help you identify thieves and help you recover your property.

4. Mount it to an even wall

Ensure that your safe is snug against the wall to minimise any gaps around the product. Gaps will make your safe vulnerable as a strong tool could be inserted and used to remove your safe from the wall.

5. Install it inside a locked room

A locked room will give your keys an extra layer of protection. The more security layers you place around it, the tougher it is to break. A room that can only be accessed by authorised personnel will minimise the chances that a burglar can make their way to your key safe.

With these tips on where to put your key safe in mind, you can be sure that all its valuable contents, will be kept secured. They will also ease all your transactions and activities that require its use. For more tips and information on where to put a key safe, contact a safe supplier to address your security needs. Call BuyASafe on 1300 405 200. We'll be happy to assist you in finding the best safes Sydney has to offer!