Safe Installation

How to Install Safes Professional?

The primary reason individuals install safes in their homes or businesses is for safety and security. Most safes have strong steel and fireproof linings and high-security combination locks that allow you to keep your valuable items secure at all times. Even if you don't live in a perilous neighbourhood, investing in a reliable safe provides peace of mind. However, if your safe is not properly installed, your safe can be rendered useless against burglars and other external forces. Bolting a safe to the floor or wall should be done with professional help and in accordance with the specifics of the safe to ensure the safe does not suffer damage or loses its value in fire resistance 

While it is feasible to install a safe on your own, it is not encouraged. Performing a safe installation on your own could cause damage to both your property and the safe. It could also leave gaps in the fitting that could lead to issues over time. To ensure optimum security, get some help from professionals with experience in wall or floor safe installation near you. At Buy A Safe, we provide excellent delivery and safe installation services throughout Australia. Our expert technicians have the skill, knowledge, and training that make them the best people to manoeuvre a safe and bolt it to its final location. If necessary, we can also educate you and your staff on how to properly install and use your safe, and keep it in good condition.


A wall safe is meant to fit into spaces within your property's walls. These are typically areas that have been deliberately constructed into your home or commercial property framework. They are accessible and give better security for your valuables. You can hide them behind a big painting in your home or office, or you can use your own creative idea. If you've decided to purchase a wall safe, keep in mind that it is a big thing that will be constructed into your home or office. So, you need to ensure that the most fitting safe for your property will be installed correctly, and in the proper location.

How to install a wall safe?

For shallow safes, remove plasterboard and secure your wall safe to the resulting space.
For larger safes, you may want to hire a builder or contractor to modify your home's brickwork so that you can correctly install the safe into the wall space.
You can make a faux wall if you don't want to alter your walls in any way. This is frequently easier in tiny alcove spaces.


A floor safe can represent one of the most effective ways to protect your valuables against theft and disasters. They don’t take up extra space and are difficult for burglars to detect. Even if a criminal discovers your concealed floor safe, removing it from the floor could also be a significant challenge. Floor safes are commonly used as a permanent security feature because of their complex installation. The proper installation technique differs based on the safe model and the floor on which it is placed. the average floor safe can be as large, small, modern, or traditional as you like, with digital and analogue options for your preference.

How to install a floor safe?

Pick a secret floor place that no one will notice in that instance. This area should not be prone to floods and other natural disasters.

Ascertain that there are no electric lines or pipes beneath your chosen spot.
Check the floor strength to ensure it can support your safe’s weight. You can seek guidance from a safe manufacturer or a building manufacturer for this step.
After determining the best location, you may start gently placing it on the floor.

If you are looking for the right people to help set up your safe within the walls or floors of your home or office, consult the experts at Buy A Safe! Aside from a free consultation on the installation and usage of our products, we can also deliver them to your location and ensure that they are properly installed. Our technicians can safely place your safe within your concrete, tiled, or timber flooring or in wood, brick, or plaster walls. Just as our safes can provide the best security, our experienced installers know how to get the most remarkable results. So, you will never have to worry about the safety of your valuables. If you are interested in our products and services, explore our website or call us at 1300 405 200.

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