1. Top Safes For Storing Laptops in Business

    top safes for storing laptops in business

    Going deeper into the digital age, businesses rely more on computers to ensure efficient and profitable operations. With today's technology, commercial establishments need lesser manpower to successfully operate. Additionally, computers can accomplish work more quickly and with minimal costs, without compromising quality. In fact, computers can handle data more accurately than most humans. However, a computer is vulnerable to digital and physical threats. This is why there is also a greater need to protect them.

    One of the best ways to protect computers from physical threats is to have a laptop safe. While you might have a secure password to restrict access to your computer, burglars can still easily take it away from your premises. And, with the help of expert hackers, they will be able to get your system and find confidential information about your business. You will need to invest in the best laptop safes to protect your company against burglary, prevent identity theft, data breaches, and natural disasters, Here, we will discuss how a laptop safe can help your business. We will also name two top safes for storing laptops in business settings.

    How A Laptop Safe Can Help Your Business 

    Prevents Theft

    Computers are expensive and need to have a safe storage place when not in use. Only authorised users should be able to access laptop safes to secure their contents and bring accountability to staff that uses them. By providing laptop safes, employees will be more careful about losing company property and avoid leaving them in unsecured locations like tabletops and office shelves at the end of a working day.

    Easy To Move

    Another advantage of having a laptop safe is they are lightweight and easy to carry. If you need to move them to another office or to your home, you can easily

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  2. Interesting Facts About Commercial Safes

    interesting facts about commercial safes

    4 Interesting Facts About Commercial Safes

    Commercial properties such as offices, businesses, and stores often fall victim to internal and external theft, as well as natural disasters such as fire or floods. This often results in tremendous losses of cash, important documents, business records, and other company assets. In some cases, these losses could even lead to bankruptcy. This is why commercial establishments need to protect their assets.

    A commercial safe can be one of the most important purchases any business owner can make. Commercial safes are a hot commodity today. You can even order one online and get it shipped to your location quickly with just a click of a button. However, before purchasing this valuable business commodity, it's helpful to acquire more knowledge and background information to understand them better. Here are some interesting facts about commercial safes you might not know about.

    1. A Fire-Rated Safe Will Protect Your Company's Assets Better

    The best commercial safes are also fire-rated safes. Some safe manufacturers today will offer a fireproof safe without any certification and fire ratings to prove their claim. Be wary of these products, they will come cheap but they might be using substandard materials to save on costs and will not last during a fire.

    A fire-rated safe will increase the protection of your valuables. They have been through rigorous testing and will indicate temperatures and the amount of time your safe can withstand the blazing heat of a fire. For example, if your commercial safe has a UL Class 350 2-hour fire rating, it means that the internal temperature of the safe will not exceed 350°F for

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  3. How to Change the Batteries in Your Safe

    how to change the batteries in your safe

    In these ever-changing times where technology keeps evolving, we all feel the need to keep up. Aside from their undeniable aesthetic appeal, we purchase newer versions of common household and office items for their advanced functionality and many other advantages. Along with the numerous advantages also come a few disadvantages. The same goes for purchasing electronic safes. What is a good safe to have at home?  Although having a safe is by far the most secure and convenient way of keeping your valuables, it is also more expensive and will not work when the batteries are dead. Though their price cannot be helped because advanced features come with hefty price tags, the battery issue has an easy fix! All you need to do is replace those batteries periodically to ensure that they will continue to function. And to make it easier for you, in this article, we will find out when and how to change the batteries in your safe.

    When To Change The Batteries In Your Safe

    Higher-end electronic safes should be able to alert you if the batteries are running low. There could be a series of beeps when you enter your code, a warning on its display panel, or any other sign that you need battery replacement soon. However, cheaper electronic safes may not give any warning, and your safe will not open all of a sudden. In fact, most batteries can last up to 2 years, depending on usage. So, if you've had your safe a little longer than that, then a dead battery is expected soon. To be safe, we suggest changing the battery to a digital safe twice a year.

    How To Change The Batteries In Your Safe

    There are so many different models of digital safes nowadays. This also means that there are different ways of changing their batteries. While you can expect your digital safe to come with an instruction manual that will guide you through the process of battery

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  4. Why You Need a Biometric Safe

    why you need a biometric safe

    5 Reasons Why You Need A Biometric Safe

    The rate of technological advancement is increasing with time and people are constantly working on developing earlier technologies to make life more convenient and time-efficient. In this day and age, you can even use your fingerprints to unlock a security safe. Simply pressing the tip of the finger on the scanner will allow you to quickly access the valuables you have kept inside. And, though they can be more expensive than the conventional type of safe, they offer plenty of benefits. Here, we will look into the reasons why you need a biometric safe.

    1. Allows Quick Access To Your Valuables

    Biometric fingerprint safes allow you to open yourself more quickly than any other locking mechanism. Since all you need to do is press your finger into the scanner pad, there is no cause for delays like locating your keys or trying to remember a series of numbers. This can be particularly helpful when you are faced with an emergency. Whether you need to take some cash out for a medical emergency or if you need your gun to protect yourself in case of an intrusion, your biometric safe will give you quick access to your valuables in an urgent situation.

    2. Eliminates The Possibility Of Key Loss

    Traditional safes that use keys to unlock them are open to the possibility of key loss. Once you lose the key to your safe, it will be inconvenient and expensive to get your safe opened. You will need the services of a professional locksmith and might end up with a damaged safe in the end. Additionally, losing the key to your safe can be a serious security risk if the keys fall into the hands. A biometric fingerprint safe will have no need for keys and, therefore, will eliminate

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  5. What to Do If Locked Out of Your Safe

    what to do if locked out of your safe

    By definition, a safe is a secure lockable box used for protecting valuable items against theft and/or damage from fire and other natural catastrophes. Some may find the need to use their safe on a daily basis, especially for business establishments, while some will only need to open their safe on rare occasions and emergency situations. Regardless of how often you may use your safe, you can never be prepared for a lockout situation. You might lose your mechanical key if you keep it with you for easy access or forget your access codes if you rarely use them. Even biometric access, though by far the most secure and convenient locking system, is not impervious to scanner malfunctions. This leads us to the big question: What to do if you're locked out of your safe? Here are a few things you can try to recover your safe without spending too much or causing any unnecessary damage.

    1. Stay Calm

    When you get locked out of your safe, the first thing you should do is to calm your nerves. Pause for a little while until your mind is clear. Since one of the reasons for opening a safe is to take out items in an emergency situation, this might get challenging. But, do remember to be still for a few moments. Rushing to recover your valuables might cause you to react dramatically and do more harm than good. You might end up causing injury to yourself if you decide to break your safe open. Until your mind is clear enough to think of sensible solutions, do not attempt anything.

    2. Find Your Spare Key Or Back-Up Access Codes.

    Once you are calm, you can think about whether or not you have another way to access your safe. If the safe is locked with a key, and you've had the foresight of keeping a spare, now is the time to use it. Hopefully, they are nearby and you haven't stored those spares inside the

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  6. Fireproof Safe Buying Tips

    fireproof safe buying tips

    Fireproof Safe Buying Tips From Buy A Safe

    When it comes to ensuring that your valuables and important documents are kept secure, you have to be very particular and thorough. Choosing just any regular safe for home use might not be enough. Whilst most safes can withstand tampering and other burglary attempts, they cannot protect your safe and its contents from fire. A reliable fireproof safe could be the best choice to guarantee maximum protection for your treasured possessions. In this article, we will share how fireproof safes work and discuss important fireproof safe buying tips to help you choose the perfect safe for your home.

    Do Fireproof Safes Work?

    It may be hard to believe, but yes, fireproof safes do work. Fireproof safes are specifically designed to protect paper and keep its internal temperature below 350 degrees, which is the critical temperature where paper begins to char and burn. It is built with a double wall and is kept cool by fire-resistant materials placed between those walls. However, fireproof safes have limits. Although they can withstand fire, it's only a matter of time before the constant exposure to heat makes them vulnerable and less effective. A good fireproof safe can last for at least 30 minutes, which can be plenty of time for you or a fireman to extinguish a fire and recover your belongings.

    5 Fireproof Safe Buying Tips

    A fireproof safe is a necessary investment in providing protection for your valuables and important documents. But, before you go and purchase a fireproof safe, there are still some things you need to keep in mind. Read the hints and tips listed below, this guide

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  7. Best Safes in Brisbane

    best safes in Brisbane

    Brisbane is a beautiful place to live in with its youthful vibe and population diversity. But, despite the abundance of positive energy in Brisbane, living in such a densely populated area could be dangerous. Your home could be threatened by a risk of break-in, property damage, and theft. However, placing preventive safety measures, like keeping all your doors and windows locked, can help reduce the risks. Another way to protect your valuables is by owning a reliable home safe. In this article, we will discuss the best safes in Brisbane and how they can help keep your valued items securely locked away.

    Choosing the best Brisbane safes will depend on the contents you would like to secure. After determining the things you want to place inside, you can then easily look for the size and features that you would want your safe to have. If you're looking for the best safes in Brisbane, there are a lot of options available at Buy A Safe. Here are the three most popular brands and products that you might want to consider:

    CMI Safes

    Their use of heavy-duty metals, high-technology locking mechanisms, and advanced design features help to secure CMI’s place as one of Australia's leading name in safe manufacturing.

    The CMI Miniguard Domestic Security Safe offers up to 30 minutes of fire protection and has a suggested insurable cash rating of $10,000. It also has an electronic keypad for easy operation and secondary relocking devices to shut your safe completely during break-in attempts. The door plate is 8mm thick and 4mm thick for its main body. It has boltholes at its base if you would like to secure it to the floor, but since it is heavy at 65kg, carrying it off is unlikely. Additionally, it stands at over 60cm tall, with a spacious interior and 2 adjustable s

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  8. Tips On Buying Gun Safes

    tips on buying gun safes

    Whether you are buying guns to protect your family or for sport, you need to take the proper measures to ensure that your weapons are kept safe. You wouldn't want your guns to cause fatal accidents if they ever fall into the hands of children and untrained gun handlers. Moreover, in case of break-ins, your weapon could be used to harm you and your family, not to mention losing a valuable investment. And for that reason, we've got here for you some tips on buying gun safes.

    A gun safe is one of the proven ways to secure your firearms. Once you have decided to buy a gun safe, choosing the best one for your needs will be the next step. If you are looking for the best tips on buying gun safes, here they are.

    Helpful Tips On Buying Gun Safes

    1. Determine The Guns and Other Contents You Want To Place Inside.

    Before buying a gun safe, you will need to know what items you want to secure. This will determine the size of your safe, as well as the level of security and additional features you would like it to have. For example, if you own a collection of pistols and rifles, you will need a bigger gun safe. You might also want a gun safe with different compartments to safely tuck away some important documents and other valuables.

    2. Know Your Gun Storage State Laws.

    In Australia, there have been so many dreadful incidents tied to improper gun storage. That is why gun storage policies were enacted to prevent them from happening again. Different gun categories in different states will have different storage laws. Be sure that the safe you are getting passes gun safe standards in your locality. Not only having improper weapon storage is dangerous, but it can also lead you to a lot of legal trouble.

    3. Consider The Safe's Weight And Composition.

    What makes a strong safe? A strong and impenetrable

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  9. Home Safes in Melbourne

    home safes in Melbourne


    Melbourne has been voted several times for the most liveable city in the world. The cost of living in Melbourne is significantly lower than in Sydney and has all the necessary elements that make a healthy, happy, and relaxed lifestyle. Additionally, it is one of the top 10 safest cities in the world. However, Melbourne is not free from dangers that come in a highly populated city. In 2018, statistics showed that an average of 3 houses per hour was attacked by burglars and intruders.

    To defend yourself and your belongings from thieves, having a properly installed safe is your last line of defence. Aside from the usual reasons in getting a home safe, such as protecting cash and jewellery from burglaries, here are more reasons that you might not have thought of:

    Protects Important Documents and Sensitive Data

    Important papers like passports, copies of birth certificates, deeds, USB flash drives with digital information, as well as living and last wills should be kept in a home safe. These items are valuable and could be needed at any time. So, keeping them close but safely locked away gives you quick access while preventing them from getting lost, tampered with, or destroyed.

    Protects Belongings from In-House Workers

    Most people nowadays have needs for in-house workers like cleaners, nannies, or various tradespeople. Some of them enter your homes occasionally, while others come weekly or even daily. While you won't normally hire people without checking their credentials and background, it is still best to take some precautions. A cleaner who happens to dust your drawers could find some cash and get tempted to take it. Having

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  10. Why You Should Get a Key Safe

    why you should get a key safe

    Proper key management is important for all businesses. Keys represent control and losing keys will directly lead to losing valuables and important data. If your business requires many keys for daily operations, purchasing a key safe will be of great value to ensure business success. In this article, we will discuss the main reasons why you should get a key safe.

    Businesses That Need Key Safes

    A small office with a small space with very few employees and assets may not require a key safe. However, you will need a more secured and complex key management system for larger organisations. A key safe is highly recommended for the following:

    • Banks and Insurance Companies
    • Museums and Tourist Sites
    • Hospitals and Medical Facilities
    • Schools and Universities
    • Industrial and Logistic Sites
    • Transportation Stations and Ports
    • Central and Local Administrations

    Why You Should Get A Key Safe For Your Business

    Are key safes a good idea for businesses? Safes can be a determining factor of any business' success. Being able to secure your keys will prevent any losses and help create an organised key management system. We will examine in detail why you should get a key safe and how they can help guarantee a streamlined process in your business operations.

    1. Protect Valuable Assets

    With a less likelihood of internal and external theft in your business facility, you can prevent loss of time and investment. Aside from expensive equipment and cash inside the premises, sensitive and confidential information could be lost in case of a break-in. Aside from protecting your valuables, your employees will feel comfortable and secured, thus increasing their productivity and ensuring your business' success.

    2. Access By Authorisation

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