1. Fireproof Safe For Home

    Fireproof Safe For Home

    How to Reap the Full Benefits of A Fireproof Safe For Home

    If you’re in the early stages of shopping around for a fireproof safe for home, congratulations. You’re about to make a very smart investment towards the security of items that are important to you. If you’re already the proud owner of a sturdy and functional home safe, then you’re surely enjoying its many benefits already.

    Because safes tend to cost a considerable amount of money, the sensible thing to do would be to make the purchase count and maximise what you’re getting in return. So, to help both soon-to-be and current safe owners, we’re offering this guide to help you get the most out your fireproof safe for home.

    1. Be

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  2. Tips When Buying A Safe

    Tips When Buying A Safe


    Smart Shopping Tips When Buying a Safe for the First Time

    Home safes can be a lifetime investment that your family can pass down from generation to generation. They provide security, peace of mind, and protection during emergency situations. But similar to other types of security solutions, house safes often come with a higher price tag. The best way to make your purchase count is to follow tried and tested tips when buying a safe for your valuables. The following guide offers actionable advice on how you can confidently buy your first home safe.

    5 Practical Tips When Buying a Safe

    1. Start by asking yourself a few questions.

    You can easily choose a safe for your house from the thousands being sold on the market, but if

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  3. Small Safes for Home Use

    Small Safes for Home Use

    Pros and Cons of Small Safes for Home Use

    Choosing the best safe for your needs can be tricky, especially if you don’t know what you’re looking for. There’s also the size to consider. Safes come in various shapes and sizes, and you’ll need to determine which size you should invest your money on. In this quick guide, we’ll be focusing on small safes for home use and share the potential advantages and downsides of buying them.

    Benefits of Small Safes for Home Use

    They’re easier to conceal.

    If you’re planning on installing a wall safe, it can be easier to conceal it if you opt for something smaller. Large safes require at least an equally larger and wider object to conceal it

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  4. Personal Home Safe

    Personal Home Safe


    What to Look For in a Personal Home Safe During a Pandemic

    With several people being out of jobs and the future looking uncertain, homeowners should more mindful than ever about protecting their valuables. Aside from investing in a home security system, you should also consider getting a personal home safe. Even if you plan to be out of the house for some forty minutes to do a weekly grocery run, that’s a lot of time for a burglar to break in and steal your valuable belongings.

    Don’t just buy the first affordable safe you find either. Here are three things to look for when shopping for a safe in an economic downturn.

    1. Cash Rating

    A high cash rating is a good indicator of a robust personal home safe. It’s the amount that insurers are w

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  5. Most Secure Home Safe

    Most Secure Home Safe


    A Quick Guide to Choosing the Most Secure Home Safe Under $1,000

    If you’re searching for the best safe in the world, you’re probably hoping for one definite answer that everyone can agree on. That’s not how it works, unfortunately. Because safes can come in all shapes, sizes, constructions, and security features, it’s all about finding the most secure home safe that meets your unique security needs.

    But what about the budget? Naturally, when people are aiming for the safest safe for their belongings, they’re also prepared to invest more cash.

    And in our opinion, budgeting $1,000 is a good place to start if you want high-quality yet affordable home safes.

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  6. Best Fireproof Safe For Cash

    Best Fireproof Safe For Cash


    How to Choose the Best Fireproof Safe For Cash

    No one wants to imagine their house or office engulfed in flames. Yet, fires happen every day, whether it’s because someone left the stove on, a bushfire managed to spread to your home, or any number of other causes. Because there’s little you can do once a fire starts, it’s important to protect your possessions in a safe. In this post, we’ll share how you can find the best fireproof safe for cash, documents, and all other important items.

    Why invest in a fireproof safe for cash and documents?

    Paper-material items can scorch and catch fire much faster than most items. This is why more and more Australians are finding out just how crucial safes for hom

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  7. Handgun Safes

    Handgun Safes


    The Smart Shopper’s Guide to Buying Handgun Safes

    As a gun owner, there are several reasons why you should invest in a good-quality gun safe. If you have kids in your home that are too young to understand gun safety, handgun safes are a necessity. Moreover, if you have sought-after firearms, these can be a target for burglars. The black market is always overflowing with stolen guns so you’ll want to protect your collection.

    Safes can either be for handguns, long guns, or both. This guide is for smart buyers that are looking for gun safes specifically for pistols, revolvers, or other smaller firearms.

    Considerations When Looking for a Handgun Safe

    Although choosing a gun safe may seem sim

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  8. Biometric Safes

    Biometric Safes

    Pros and Cons of Using Biometric Safes for Business

    A growing number of large companies now use biometric verification technology in multiple areas of the business — in security doors, vaults, and more. However, you can also see this technology used in everyday machines such as in our cars and smartphones. But what about for safes? In terms of security, biometric safes are fast becoming a popular option, too.

    In this guide, we share the common advantages and drawbacks of a biometric safe to help you plan out your purchase better.

    Pros of biometric safes

    It’s not surprising that the popularity of biometric safes is mainly due to the benefits enjoyed by users in both domestic and commercial set

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  9. Anti Hold Up Safe

    Anti Hold Up Safe

    Want to Prevent Retail Theft? Buy an Anti Hold Up Safe

    Shoplifting is on the rise in Australia. According to a recent study, retail stores have lost as much as $3 billion during the 2017 to 2018 financial year alone due to criminals. With thieves becoming more brazen, there’s no better time than now for retail business owners to seriously consider getting an anti hold up safe.

    What is an anti hold up safe?

    The main function of a safe is to provide security to its contents, whatever that may be. And to some degree, all safes are burglary-resistant due to their material and locking mechanism. There are, however, special safes with features that are specifically designed to prevent burglaries.

    A deposit s

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  10. Burg Wachter Safes

    Burg Wachter Safes

    What You Need to Know Before You Buy Burg Wachter Safes

    There’s no denying that Germany is well-known for setting the bar high when it comes to quality. In fact, many brands from Germany are recognised all over the world — Adidas, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, and more. In the security industry, Burg Wachter safes have a long-standing reputation as one of the most reliable security safes money can buy. But with other great brands out there to choose from, you may be having trouble deciding on the right safe.

    A brief history of Burg Wachter safes

    According to their website, the company has been in business since 1920. Their history, however, didn’t start from producing safes. In fact, they had more humble beginnings creating padlocks, which was common during the e

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