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What to do when you're locked out of your Safe?

Because of constant use, atmospheric exposure, or several other factors, a safe can become damaged over time. While regular cleaning and maintenance can help keep your safe to stay in good condition, this might not be enough in some situations. When your safe is damaged or its door locks no longer open correctly, its ability to secure valuable items becomes compromised. In these situations, you will require the assistance of a reliable and trained professional Locksmith who can restore the safe back to its optimal working condition. Never try to repair or open the safe yourself to avoid further damage.

At Buy A Safe, we provide a complete safe service and maintenance. Beyond selling quality safes, we can also do safe deliveries and installation, safe openings and repairs, and other related services. We have a trusted locksmith team that can open your safe in case you find it difficult to access it through regular means. We have the experience and technical expertise to open the safe in a quick and protective way, without causing any kind of damage to your safe or any of your valuables stored in it.


While every locksmith can open and fix door locks, and make key replacements, not all of them can repair or open a safe. Safe repair and opening are some of the most advanced locksmithing skills, and many locksmiths never learn it. It takes proper training, time, and mastery only comes from years of experience. This is why, before enlisting the services of any locksmith near you, make sure they can handle the work required. If safe opening and repair are among their specialities, then they might be able to fix your safe problem. However, the best people to do the job are the ones familiar with your safe. By hiring the locksmiths at Buy A Safe, you can be sure that your safe is being handled by someone who knows your safe inside out and can provide the most effective solutions.


There are several reasons why you might call a safe locksmith, but here are the most common.

Lost Keys and Forgotten Codes

It might be embarrassing, but lost keys and forgotten codes happen quite often. If you rarely open and retrieve items locked in your safe, there’s a big chance you’ll forget how to access it or misplace its keys. Safe locksmiths have been trained on how to bypass the auxiliary measures and gain access to your safe. They can do all of this without damage or harm to the contents of your safe.

Time Delays and Lockouts

Some digital or electronic safes have increased security features such as time delays and lockouts. If you’ve entered an incorrect code too many times, your safe may lock you out. This is a good feature that provides additional security against burglars. However, if you’re the one locked out, it can get very frustrating. If you’ve locked yourself out of your safe, don’t panic. A safe locksmith can come and restore your access in no time.

Bequeathed Safes with Unknown Codes

Sometimes, not being able to access the safe comes about through no fault of your own. This often happens when a safe is inherited and no key or combination was left by its original owner. When you find yourself inheriting an inaccessible safe, do not worry. Once the locksmith verifies that the safe is truly yours, they can get it open and provide you with future access.

Jammed Bolts

If you want your safe to function properly and continue to safely hold your valuables, make sure it is regularly serviced. Clean all surfaces of your safe and make sure the bolts are lubricated. In case of a jammed bolt, even the right combination won’t be able to open your safe. At this point, you will need the help of a safe locksmith to unjam, service, and repair your safe.

Shifting Combinations

Combination safes have the tendency to wear and shift over time. If you find that you can no longer access your combination or dial safe with your usual combination, try altering your combination. If that doesn’t work, call a safe locksmith to regain access to your valuables and book them for a service, repair, or upgrade.


Buy A Safe operates its own Certified Locksmith Services. With our years of experience in selling and repairing safes, we are the best people to hire for any concerns with your safe. We know how to operate and fix any type of safe, without damaging the safe and its contents.

If you want to learn more about our products and services, give us a call on 1300 405 200. We can give you advice on how to properly care for your safe. And when the need arises, we will quickly come and assist you.

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