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High Security Safes

These days, every home or business needs a little extra security, particularly when it comes to important or precious items. From precious family photos, confidential business documents, or devices that contain highly sensitive information, there are a broad range of reasons to want to keep these items safe or out of the wrong hands.

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Thankfully, help is here. There’s one product you need and it has stood the test of time and benefited from many advances in technology: the high-security safe. At Buy A Safe, you can find a security safe to suit your exact needs. But first, it’s important to understand safes so that you can choose the right one for your home or business.

What is A High Security Safe?

A high-security safe is expertly designed to be more robust and provide more security than a regular safe, thanks to the incorporation of enhanced features. For instance, a top-quality security safe is likely to be made of thicker metals and feature a burglary-proof design. They will also have a better cash rating — this is a measure of how difficult the safe is to break into.

In essence, a high-security safe is your best option when it comes to keeping your valuables and sentimental items protected. Any establishment which places an emphasis on protecting assets such as banks, law firms, and high-end jewellery boutiques will all have high-security safes.

Can High Security Safes Be Used In The Home?

Did you know that most burglars search for a safe or jewellery box as soon as they break into a home? Skilled robbers will likely be able to open a standard safe within a few minutes. Failing that, they often end up taking the whole safe with them.

However, a small high-security safe with its enhanced protective features is much harder to break into. Plus, they are purposely built to be too heavy to be carried away easily. This combination of characteristics makes a home security safe box an excellent investment for every home. You can keep all your valuables inside it and sleep easy.

Shop For Security Safes and Much More At Buy A Safe

Are you looking to furnish your home or business with a high security safe? Well, you’ve come to the right place. At Buy A Safe, we stock a wide selection of top-quality safes at affordable prices. Our range of safe solutions features all of the best names in security in Australia, such as Chubbsafes, CMI, Burg-wachter, Platinum Safes, and many, many more.

But that’s not all. At Buy A Safe, our team of experts understands that unwanted intruders are not the only threat when it comes to the protection of valuables in homes and businesses. Being an Australian company, we are aware of the risk posed by bushfires, and as such, we stock a full range of fire-resistant safes too.

Our security solutions don’t stop there, though. Our deposit drop safes provide a great solution for businesses where staff are required to deposit cash or highly sensitive documents without necessarily getting access to the rest of the contents of the safe. By limiting access, these devices are a great option when it comes to preventing external and internal theft.

If your business’ day-to-day running requires the use of a range of keys, such as a hotel or car dealership, we have another useful security solution for you: a key cabinet. Our range of key cabinets provides an effective key-management solution that addresses key safety and security issues in the workplace by preventing unauthorised access to keys.

Also, we know that the purpose of a safe isn’t always to protect our valuables from the bad guys. In fact, sometimes we need safes to protect our loved ones from accessing dangerous items. Parents and pet owners will know that it’s important to keep potentially dangerous items, like medicines, out of reach of both kids and pets. Leaving drugs and medications lying around the home increases the potential risk of accidental poisoning. This is why a specially designed drug safe is a foolproof solution when it comes to keeping medication out of harm’s reach.

We also stock an excellent range of lockable filing cabinets. A common storage solution in both homes and offices, the items stored in filing cabinets don’t just need to be organised though. They also need to be protected. Filing cabinets safes, therefore, combine the functions of a traditional filing cabinet and a safe to protect documents and keep your important information confidential. Furthermore, because of the flammable nature of paper, we also stock several fireproof filing cabinet safe models.

Whether you are looking for a regular security safe, a deposit drop safe, or a high-security safe box, shop the range at Buy A Safe to find the perfect secure storage option for your home or business.

Why Shop With Buy A Safe?

As one of Australia’s leading online safe sellers, our expanding range of products features the best names in safes and secure storage solutions. Our online shopping process is also streamlined to offer our clients a top-quality user experience. Regardless of your budget or security requirements, we have a range of products that are specifically designed to safeguard your precious belongings.

Are you looking to protect your valuables or confidential documents? Then shop Buy A Safe’s great range of high-security safes for homes and businesses today!

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