Important documentation can be as precious as diamonds. Invest in a quality filing cabinet safe to protect personal and professional paperwork and valuables.


As a leading Australian online safe seller, BuyaSafe pinpoints premium products for our clients. A filing cabinet safe is a popular choice for protecting various physical records and forms of identification, as well as data storage devices.


Define the logistics

What size and weight suits the selected space in your office or home? Remember to consider depth, not just height and width. Are you looking for a small, simple filing cabinet safe, or a large, complex design that meets multiple requirements?

A safe that remains half-empty for the next decade isn’t the best investment—but neither is a safe crammed full within the year. Be realistic with volume predictions, and settle on a comfortable budget in keeping with storage needs.

While some filing cabinet safes are for general data, others are designed for documentation. Note interior dimensions, and check parameters. Establish that fixed drawer sizes and shelves accommodate your paperwork and files.



An array of trusted rating systems is often used to test safe fireproofing: UL, KIS and SP, among others. Impact and explosion test ratings are also helpful, especially for higher storey homes and offices, or high risk fire or bushfire areas. 

Certified fireproofing confirms a time (1 hour, 2 hours) during which certain temperatures are not exceeded inside the safe during a fire. For example, 350 is suitable for document protection, as paper burns beyond this temperature.

Be aware some technological storage devices need a lower temperature, as materials in these devices are at risk of damage before paper is prone to burning. When deciding on fire protection, it’s worth evaluating threat parameters.


Decide on features

Is your filing cabinet safe likely to be regularly accessed by more than one person? For further protection, individual key-locks for every drawer may suit. If flexibility matters, adjustable shelves might be an important consideration.

Perhaps a general archive and storage option appeals. Looking for a filing cabinet safe with wheels for manoeuvrability around the office? Or are anchoring and features preventing doors being left open more of a concern for your business? 

Some companies prefer an SCEC (Security Construction and Equipment Committee) endorsed design. Or are you a small business looking for a budget-friendly data cabinet safe to protect key items, without taking up too much space?


Recognise quality

Obviously as the price point rises, so do the array of features, the size, and the performance standards. Understand the specifications and certifications of your chosen design, and check the warranty terms of a potential purchase.

At BuyaSafe, we only offer reputable products, ensuring you choose from a trustworthy brand. Our storage solutions can be relied on for quality—from structural materials to locking mechanisms, only high quality performers make our selection.

Whatever the level of security and accessibility, we can help. BuyaSafe experts possess up to date knowledge on affordable, effective safes. If you can’t decide on a filing cabinet safe model, contact our friendly team with your questions.