interesting facts about commercial safes

4 Interesting Facts About Commercial Safes

Commercial properties such as offices, businesses, and stores often fall victim to internal and external theft, as well as natural disasters such as fire or floods. This often results in tremendous losses of cash, important documents, business records, and other company assets. In some cases, these losses could even lead to bankruptcy. This is why commercial establishments need to protect their assets.

A commercial safe can be one of the most important purchases any business owner can make. Commercial safes are a hot commodity today. You can even order one online and get it shipped to your location quickly with just a click of a button. However, before purchasing this valuable business commodity, it's helpful to acquire more knowledge and background information to understand them better. Here are some interesting facts about commercial safes you might not know about.

1. A Fire-Rated Safe Will Protect Your Company's Assets Better

The best commercial safes are also fire-rated safes. Some safe manufacturers today will offer a fireproof safe without any certification and fire ratings to prove their claim. Be wary of these products, they will come cheap but they might be using substandard materials to save on costs and will not last during a fire.

A fire-rated safe will increase the protection of your valuables. They have been through rigorous testing and will indicate temperatures and the amount of time your safe can withstand the blazing heat of a fire. For example, if your commercial safe has a UL Class 350 2-hour fire rating, it means that the internal temperature of the safe will not exceed 350°F for at least 2 hours when exposed to external temperatures higher than 1700°F. Furthermore, a good fire-rated commercial safe will also be water-resistant. So, you need not worry about assets getting wet when a fire is being extinguished.

2. Mostly A Cheap Price Tag Is A Sign Of Poor Quality.

When it comes to protecting your company's sensitive paperwork and high-value assets, you should not be a miser. Burglar-proof and fire-rated commercial safes will not come cheap. Moreover, the best commercial safes will also feature more secure locking mechanisms, spring-loaded doors, LED displays, etc. The more features it possesses, the higher the price tag will be. On the other hand, a cheap safe will be made of cheap materials, easy-to-tamper locks, and a simple, boring exterior. Consider what is most important to your company before deciding on getting a safe. Upfront costs may be high for advanced commercial safes, but you will be saving money in the long run, and you won't have to worry about losing your company's valuables.

3. Use A Cash Deposit Safe For Handling Daily Cash Payments.

Cash safes or deposit safes are commercial safes ideal for retailers and other businesses that handle daily cash payments. Since cash is still the most used and widely accepted form of payment, a business owner could collect large sums of cash on a daily basis. However, it will be difficult to deposit these earnings to the bank promptly. You will need a secure place to keep cash until it can be moved to a safer location. A deposit safe will be the best way to store these large sums of cash. It allows an employee to safely deposit money inside without giving them access to retrieve it. Only the owner or trusted personnel can take the cash out when deemed necessary.

4. Commercial Safes Can Lower Insurance Costs

Business insurance costs can be expensive. Fortunately, placing security measures you implement within your business facility can help lower your insurance premiums. It’s important to talk to your insurance provider about your security investments such as having a commercial safe. Especially if it is professionally installed, your safe will reduce your business insurance premiums significantly.

There are many other interesting facts about commercial safes, depending on what type of safe you are getting and the purpose of its use. We hope this article helped you better understand commercial safes and gave you hints on choosing the best safe for your business. If you are looking to purchase a reliable commercial safe, browse through our wide variety of options at Buy A Safe! We also offer residential safes, gun safes, key cabinets, and many more. Call us on 1300 405 200 for further assistance.