how to change the batteries in your safe

In these ever-changing times where technology keeps evolving, we all feel the need to keep up. Aside from their undeniable aesthetic appeal, we purchase newer versions of common household and office items for their advanced functionality and many other advantages. Along with the numerous advantages also come a few disadvantages. The same goes for purchasing electronic safes. What is a good safe to have at home?  Although having a safe is by far the most secure and convenient way of keeping your valuables, it is also more expensive and will not work when the batteries are dead. Though their price cannot be helped because advanced features come with hefty price tags, the battery issue has an easy fix! All you need to do is replace those batteries periodically to ensure that they will continue to function. And to make it easier for you, in this article, we will find out when and how to change the batteries in your safe.

When To Change The Batteries In Your Safe

Higher-end electronic safes should be able to alert you if the batteries are running low. There could be a series of beeps when you enter your code, a warning on its display panel, or any other sign that you need battery replacement soon. However, cheaper electronic safes may not give any warning, and your safe will not open all of a sudden. In fact, most batteries can last up to 2 years, depending on usage. So, if you've had your safe a little longer than that, then a dead battery is expected soon. To be safe, we suggest changing the battery to a digital safe twice a year.

How To Change The Batteries In Your Safe

There are so many different models of digital safes nowadays. This also means that there are different ways of changing their batteries. While you can expect your digital safe to come with an instruction manual that will guide you through the process of battery replacement, you might find yourself accidentally losing it. In case this happens, here, we narrowed down the categories of digital safes based on the type of electronic lock they have and how you can change their batteries.

1. Digital Lock With Override key

There are digital safes with override keys. Their batteries are usually located inside the safe’s door. In case the batteries die, you can use the override key to open your safe and replace the batteries. The override lock is usually found in a removable panel to the side of the keypad. Use the key to open this lock and access your safe manually. If you have lost the override key, a locksmith will be able to open it for you.

2. Digital Lock With Batteries Behind The Keypad

If your safe's batteries are behind its keypad, it will be much easier to change them. Often at the bottom of the keypad is a small hole or a screw. Insert a paper clip or pen to click on the release button inside the small hole or unscrew with a screwdriver. You can slide or turn the cover to release the battery casing and expose the existing batteries that need to be replaced. Remember to put the casing back when it's done, and be careful not to lose any screws that might need to be attached.

3. Digital Lock With Emergency Power Supply Connection

Some safes have batteries inside but cannot be opened without battery power. This could get a little tricky when it’s time for battery replacement. When their batteries die, you will need to connect a 9v battery to the connection points located at the front of the safe. This will supply enough power that you need to input your code on the keypad. Just remember to keep the battery linked to the connection points until you get the door open. Then, you can disconnect them and access the dead batteries of the safe for replacement.

When it comes to changing the battery in a digital safe, knowing what to do is of high importance. Attempting to force the lock or incorrectly removing its keypads or other parts may lead to costly and irreversible damages. If you are not confident enough to do it by yourself, seek professional help from a trusted locksmith for a battery replacement. They know how to open an electronic safe when the batteries are dead and will do the job for a fee. You can also call your safe distributor for free advice and instructions about the product you purchased.

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