Do you need a higher level of security at home in Sydney? We've got you! View the selection of home safes Sydney has to offer! Everyone has the fear that our homes might be broken into or that someone might take from us in the back of their minds. There isn't much we can do to stop ourselves from constantly checking to see if the garage door is entirely closed or worrying about whether a door is locked while we aren't home.  

Break-ins have occurred in over 171,600 Australian homes, resulting in stolen goods, property damage, and confrontations between homeowners and intruders. Jewellry, cash, and tools are the most commonly stolen types of personal property. That is why it’s important to protect yourself from burglary and theft for extra security. Here at Buy A Safe, we have a variety of security home safes for sale Sydney – from best home fire and best seller burglary safes – to meet your specific needs and price range. 



Are home safes a good idea? There is no doubt about it because home safes have quality locks that will provide security for your data, prevent burglary and theft, much better than relying on your house door. This post will provide you with 10 tips to consider before purchasing a home safe. Those who seek to cut to the chase in figuring out exactly what they need in a product. 

1. It's important to note that not all gun safes are the same.

Gun safes vary in form, size, and price. Most are weapons lockers without fire or theft protection. After building quality, fire resistance should be considered (metal thickness, locking mechanism). Find a gun safe with a 14" steel door. Best gun safes have half-inch or thicker steel. We recommend a one-hour fire-rated gun safe. Why? Few safes with a 1-hour fire rating survive a house or office blaze. 

2. A fireproof safe is no guarantee against burglars.

Fireproof safes can endure heat, smoke, and water for long periods. Fireproof safes use thin metal (16-18 gauge), rendering them vulnerable to attack. It's used to retain fire-resistant material and can be pierced, sliced, or sawed easily. Do not use a fireproof safe to keep anything of great worth inside. At Buy A Safe, have a look at our high-security burglary safes we provide. 

3. Don't buy a low-rated burglar fire safe.

Many of our clients are interested in safeguarding pricey merchandise as well as crucial records. A composite safe is an ideal option for these buyers. When looking to buy a safe, you should evaluate the highest value and most valuable items you will ever keep locked away. The safe you bought years ago may no longer be sufficient to preserve your valuables now that their value has increased. 

4. Do not rely on a floor safe as a means of fire protection.

Floor safes once offered burglary and fire protection (provided the safe was installed in the floor surrounded by concrete). Due to its construction, floor safes are excellent for storing gold, silver, coins, jewellery, and other valuables. They also provide security from break-ins. However, the exposed metal door lets heat into the safe. Floor safe doors are 12" to 1-12" thick plate steel, and most do not include fire retardant material. Most floor safes offer some fire protection but are not good fire protection products.

5. What situations call for the use of a wall safe?

Wall safes are fantastic since they're hard to see and don't take up much room, but they're not as secure as other safes. Wall safes aren't ideal for storing large sums of money, valuable jewellery, or precious metals and coins due to their fragile design. With a monitored burglar alarm system, you can temporarily store high-value jewellery. A burglar fire safe is suitable for long-term storage of gold, metals, or cash.

6. Do not  keep media/photos in a fireproof safe.

Many individuals think a "fireproof" safe protects their belongings from fire. High heat and moisture can harm photos, CDs, DVDs, computer discs and cassettes, etc. Fire safes don't protect against these things. Fireproof safes prevent the interior from reaching 350 degrees Fahrenheit, where paper begins to burn. A Data & Material Safe protects valuable data and media from theft and fire.

7. How do you safeguard paper and money from fire?

Most fire departments recommend a 1-hour fire rating for fireproof safes and burglar fire safes. A safe with a fire rating of less than 1 hour is unlikely to keep your valuable documents and cash safe in the case of a fire. Consider for something like a burglar fire safe or a high-security burglar fire safe if you need protection from both intruders and fire.

8. How do I determine the safe's capacity based on the items I intend to store inside?

By calculating each safe's overall space, you may evaluate which ones meet your budget. Choose a larger container than you think you'll need because you'll likely acquire more items to store. We recommend 5–10-year plans. Standard formulas translate inches to cubic feet to determine a safe's internal volume. Calculate the safe's inside size: 

Multiply the safe's inside dimensions by 1728 and divide. 

Height, width, and depth divided by 1728 equals cubic feet. 20 by 15 by 20 inches equals 6000 cubic inches, or 3.47 feet. 

9. Where should my safe be placed?

Customers struggle with where to put their safe. Place a safe where you intend to use it, make sure there is enough light to see inside, and bolt it to a firm surface. If you have trouble with a mechanical combination lock, try an electronic lock. Burglars look in the master bedroom or walk-in closet for valuables. The utility room, a guest bedroom closet, or a sealed stairwell with an access door are safe hiding areas.

10. When and why you should anchor your safe.

Our advice is to always anchor your safe. Even large, heavy safes can be stolen from homes and businesses with the help of just a few muscular intruders and a utility dolly, so it's always a good idea to anchor them down. Nearly all safes feature at least one anchor hole, and installing one into a solid surface like wood or concrete is a breeze. 



 It's crucial to find a home safe that fits your specific requirements, as there are many models available. Here are home safes Sydney in the table below. 


Secuguard - SHS4E Home Safe 

  • 12mm steel door and 6mm steel body reinforced with hefty steel frame around front edges.
  • Drill-resistant steel plate protects lock from front and side attack.
  • 32mm steel bolts.
  • Base and back have four 15mm holes.
  • Manager- and user-programmable code.

Weight: 66kg 


External Dimensions: HxWxD 500 x 400 x 360 


Internal Dimensions: HxWxD 487x 387x 263 

  The Nova - NV1

  • This smart home safe gives $15,000 cash and 30 minutes fire protection. This safe protects your valuables with security features, elegant design, and unique locking mechanisms.
  • 12mm fireboard for 30 minutes.
  • Models N2-N7 have 3-way locking bolts.
  • 10mm thick door with 4 way locking bolts. 17mm thick body with 5mm mild steel plate.
  • 32mm interlocking bolts, relocking device, anti-drill plate provide superior door security. 






Weight: 65kg 


External Dimensions: 615 x 410 x 340mm (H x W x D) 


Internal Dimensions: 570 x 350 x 250mm (H x W x D) 

Secuguard FA55E Electronic Locking Home Safe

  • Secuguard FA series safes have an 8mm solid steel door and 6mm solid steel body for burglary and fire protection.
  • Half-hour fire protection (when properly installed).
  • Door frame fire seal.
  • 25mm steel bolts lock.
  • Digital safe lock from Securam placed on reinforced steel.


Combination Digital 

Key Override 



Weight: 76kg 


External Dimensions: 

552 x 452 x 350mm 


Internal Dimensions: 

512 x 412 x 260mm 


The Nova - NV5 

  • This smart home safe gives $15,000 cash and 30 minutes fire protection. This safe protects your valuables with security features, elegant design, and unique locking mechanisms.
  • 12mm fireboard for 30 minutes.
  • Models N2-N7 have 3-way locking bolts.
  • 10mm thick door with 4 way locking bolts. 17mm body with 5mm mild steel plate
  • 32mm interlocking bolts, relocking device, anti-drill plate provide superior door security.


Combination Digital 

Key Override 


Weight: 112kg 


External Dimensions: 

730 c 480 x 400mm 


Internal Dimensions: 

680 x 420 x 300mm 

  Guardall - BFG100 (S3)- Fire Proof Safe 

  • Guardall BFG Series 3 Safes are excellent for small offices and homes. Great for protecting documents and valuables.
  • 12mm steel door.
  • 32mm steel bolts.
  • One-hour fireproof.
  • Tamper-resistant secondary lock.


Weight: 100kg 


External Dimensions: 

334 x 444  x 355mm 


Internal Dimensions: 

260 x 350 x 210mm 



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