During a startling break-in, a well-known celebrity who lives in Australia – Rachel Bilson, had lost $51,000 of her belongings! Can you imagine that the artist had been the target of burglars for days? To prevent theft of your priceless possessions, it is crucial to invest in a high-quality safe. Check out the best home safes Australia has right now at Buy A Safe! 

In recent years, burglaries and thefts have become common occurrences in Australia. It is better to be extra safe than to be sorry! Everyone carries unsettling fears about potential break-ins to their houses and potential theft. We can never be too confident about anything these days, so taking additional security measures against theft and burglary should be a must. Here in Buy A Safe, we guarantee the quality of your safes.



Are Home Safes A Good Idea? The answer is definitely yes! Consumers who don't have time to make two trips to the bank—one to withdraw the item and another to deposit it—may find a home safe to be a more convenient alternative. 

A safe can be recessed into a wall and concealed by a painting or sunk into the concrete floor of a basement. Individuals who prefer a freestanding safe have the option of either concealing it in a closet or leaving it out in the open under a table. In addition, most safe retailers offer vault doors for customers who need to store valuables such as silverware or antiques of a very big size. The homeowner, however, is responsible for arranging for the construction of the vault with a local building or masonry professional. 



There has been a historic increase in the theft rates in Australia. Eventually in your life, you will be a target of theft or vandalism. Avoiding losses and damages to property is preferable to having to repair them after they have already occurred. And since burglars and vandals can't steal what they can't get their hands on, a safe is a great way to keep your valuables safe. Here are five reasons why you should invest in a home safe: 

Strengthened Safety Protections 

Do you want to know the most effective methods for keeping your valuables hidden? Buying a house safe is one of the most wise moves you can do. If someone were to try to break into your house and steal something, they would be anchored to the ground by this object. A safe is a great place to store valuables such as jewellery, gemstones, and money. You may rest assured that your valuables will be safe in a properly built safe. 

Protection against Theft  

The cost of buying a home seems to increase every day. It only takes one slip-up to create a dangerous situation at home and waste thousands of dollars. This is why it's so crucial to safeguard your home's valuables. Safe installation is essential for deterring theft and protecting high-priced possessions from destruction or loss. View our collection of best-seller safes here in Buy A Safe.  

Safeguards against Hazards and Potential Disasters 

Home safes Australia carries a wide selection of safes, each with their own unique size and set of locking mechanisms. The amount being stored, its intended location, and the prevailing weather patterns in the area are all factors to consider. You should consider purchasing a gun safe designed for extreme temperatures and regular weather changes if that is where your rifle will be stored. If you're looking for a quality fire safe, Buy A Safe got you. 


Arrange for a competent safe installer to minimise the risk of lawsuits and insurance premium increases. With a professional safe installation, you won't have to worry about wasting money on renting storage space or taking time off work to install it. The best aspect is that your house insurance will protect you if something does go wrong with the safe, such if someone breaks into it. 



There are a variety of home safes on the market, so it's important to find one that works for you. Here are home safes Australia in the table below. 


Burg Wachter - PointSafe P1E - Electronic

  • Solid single-walled body.
  • Electronic combination lock with user programmed master, and user codes.
  • Wall thickness 2mm + Manganese hardened steel plate for added drill protection to sensitive areas.
  • Prepared for wall and floor fixing (2 drill holes at half height on the back wall, 2 drill holes at half depth on the bottom, fixings included).
  • Can be installed in cupboards, desks, etc.

Weight: 7.5kg 


External Dimensions: 180 x 280 x 200mm 


Internal Dimensions: 173 x 273 x 141mm

Diplomat Fire Resistant 119EN Safe 

  • Drawers and adjustable shelves in selected sizes.
  • User manual and fixing kit included.
  • Fire resistant and impact tested for 1 hour.
  • KSG 4500 & P-S1TS - Korean Standards Association (KSA).
  • Door opens 180 degrees, Door opens 180 degrees, FIRE CLASS 60 paper.

Weight: 31kg 


External Dimensions: 353 x 412 x 363mm 


Internal Dimensions: 260 x 320 x 234mm 

Platinum FL3 In-Floor Security Safe 

  • Platinum in-floor security safes come with three(3) locking options: digital, key and combination locking.
  • Solid steel 12mm door and 4mm body. Anti-drill steel plate behind the lock.
  • Solid steel dead bar prevents door removal during attack.
  • Spring loaded relocking device.
  • Special design gas spring for convenient opening.




Weight: 45kg 


External Dimensions: 

360 x 330 x 455mm 


Internal Dimensions: 

350 x 320 x 300 mm

Yale Security Fire Safe - Extra Large - YFH/530/FG3 

  • Contains an additional “safe within a safe” insulation layer. This protects extra sensitive digital data, whether they are on an external hard-drive, CD ROMs, DVDs or tapes.
  • 1 hour fire protection for documents. The internal temperature will not exceed 100ºC at an external temperature of 927ºC. Certified to Sold Secure Standards.
  • Heavy duty hinges protected with 18mm fixed bolts. Heavy duty 4 point locking.
  • Unique touchpad technology. 1-48 hours total lockdown mode.
  • Adjustable internal shelf.

Weight: 64kg 


External Dimensions: 

530 x 450 x 460mm 


Internal Dimensions: 

430 x 350  x 328mm

Apex-Safe - 4 Drawer Fireproof File Cabinet Safe - ASF680-4EKK 

  • Suitable for the safe storage of wills, estates, legal documents and for use in legal offices.
  • This Fire resistive filing cabinet is tested and approved yearly in compliance with the stringent test regulations by international certificate organizations including UL, JIS, SP and KS.
  • Certified 60 minutes fire resistance.
  • Durable quality paint finish.
  • All drawers have individual key-locks.

Volume per Drawer (L): 104L 


Weight: 300kg 


External Dimensions: 

1594 x 680  x 530mm 


Internal Dimensions: 

621 x 353 x 530mm



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