Looking to buy a gun safe? Choose a design that ensures trustworthy storage.

Why a gun safe? In Australia, firearm storage must satisfy the regulations of your state or territory, dependent on the class of firearm. The BuyaSafe selection is from trusted brands who design gun safes aware of these parameters.

How much should you spend on a safe?

From a few hundred to a few thousand, your budget depends on the size of the gun safe, the quality of the brand, and preferred features. The locking mechanism and fire resistance for example can impact price, but increase protection. 


What should you look for in a gun safe?

First, that it meets necessary legislation—but we also recommend you consider features beyond these basic rules. Storage security is your responsibility. Click on the state links below for firearm legislation across Australia:


Design and construction matter. Remember that the interior size is smaller than exterior measurements. Make sure the weight meets legal requirements. Heavier discourages theft, but consider the impact on the installation area.

Opt for quality steel. Check the thickness of the walls, and the door. (A lower gauge number is actually thicker steel.) Popular gun safe features include a quality lock, a hard plate, and a decent relocker. Research hinges and locking bolts.

Check burglary and fire proofing ratings. Ask about water protection. Clarify the warranty for the safe, and for the lock. Can you bolt it down? By considering these points, you should be able to gauge the potential of a gun safe purchase.

Note: Take time to also address legislation around ammunition storage

Which brand is best for gun safes?

At BuyaSafe, we only offer proven brands trusted to provide premium protection for firearms, and ammunition. Our Top 5 gun safe brands are:

• CMI Safe Company. A respected, well-known Australian family owned and operated safe manufacturing company since 1946.

• ChubbSafes. A globally renowned industry stalwart known for innovation in design and high levels of testing parameters.

• Guardall. Established Australian safe manufacturer since 1982 who consistently offer affordable, high grade, fireproof safes.

• Platinum. Popular Australian owned company known for highly secure premium safes grounded in advanced engineering.

• Secuguard. An established household name, this well-known Australian safe manufacturer offers affordable, quality safes. 


What is a good thickness for a gun safe?

Minimal thickness of the steel shell is legislated by each state or territory, and impacted by firearm category, generally ranging from 1.6-3mm. The grade of steel used in the shell is important (and may be referenced in storage requirements).

A thicker shell doesn’t automatically mean better protection if production standards are low. Leading safe brands build their reputation on quality materials; a no-name safe offering similar dimensions, may be easier to break open.

Is a key or combination safe better?

Some prefer key, others swear by combination. Keyed locks are traditionally popular, but technology offers combination locks that perform equally well. Brand and model matter: both locks can appear across inferior and superior safes.

Practicality also comes into play: Are you prone to forgetting a series of numbers, or do you lose keys often? How quickly do you need access to your firearm? A number of our gun safe designs are available in your choice of lock type.

Ask us your questions

At BuyaSafe, we know researching a gun safe purchase can lead to even more questions. If our safe buying guide has you curious about certain features, contact us. Our team of experts can answer your queries around security solutions.