The best home safe is one designed and tested to best meet security needs, within your budget.


Purchasing a domestic safe in Australia is confusing, if you don’t know what makes safes effective. Luckily, BuyaSafe offers a collection of the best burglary and fire safes available in Australia.


What should I look for when buying a safe?

Accredited ratings are a solid indicator of the best fire and burglary safes. A fire rating, for example, is a measure of a safe’s ability to protect vulnerable items against high temperatures.


Fire ratings reflect how long the safe’s contents can be deemed protected—although documents and data will burn faster. Make sure your selected safe maintains an acceptable temperature.


Standardised tests by accredited industry stalwarts for fire resistance take into account impact (in an explosion, or falling during a fire), ensuring trustworthy insulation through superior design.


A fireproof safe is not automatically waterproof. A safe rated as water resistant is important if you live in flood plagued areas. (Not to mention water is generally used to put out fires!)


Insurance companies use cash ratings to specify the maximum amount of cash or valuables a particular model is cleared to protect when specifications and conditions are met.


Cash rating does not equal instant insurance for that amount; insurers decide specifics. Cash rating can be viewed as a helpful measure of the safe’s design and construction quality.


Likewise, burglar rating reflects amount of protection a safe offers your valuables, by measuring how effective they are against burglary attempts. Burglar ratings are an important identifier.


Elements that impact ratings of the best home fire and burglary safes include thickness of walls and door, material, insulation, effectiveness of the lock, and design features like re-locking.


What is the best place to put a safe?

Places burglars might overlook is a premium choice. Wall safes are popular for this reason, but the design cannot be so large as to destabilise your home’s structure. Anchoring is important.


Thieves may prefer to steal the whole safe, giving them time to crack it elsewhere, which is why a safe bolted to the floor is worth it, or a floor safe, if not in a regular flood region.


Type of residency also impacts placement. In a corner bolted to external walls is a common spot for the best home safes for fire and burglary. Avoid bedrooms, where thieves search for precious items.


What is the most secure home safe?

Highest rated home safes cost more, and you could end up excessive safe space, or an ill fit in the home. Our knowlesgeable team offers feedback on safes for your budget, with exemplary standards.


The best safe to buy also depends on personal security needs. Interior space, what you want to protect, prioritised safe ratings, access parameters, and budget all impact home safe selection.


Define your needs, first and foremost. You might only require a mini home safelaptop safe or personal safe. Maybe a filing cabinet safe or office safe for a home office is the lead concern.


Selecting from a trustworthy brand known for the best fire and burglary safes, is a solid start. We have an array of bestselling home safes at various price points, delivering outstanding performance.


Making a decision

Contact our safe specialists if you have questions around the best home fire and burglary safe for you. BuyaSafe offer the highest rated home safes in Australia. We’ll find a perfect match.