Have you heard? Over 6,000 firearms have been stolen in Australia over the years, which has led to worries that these weapons are being sold on the black market. Theft of guns is a serious issue, especially since it would put people in danger. This is why investing in a good gun safe is something you ought to think about doing. Find the best gun safes Australia has to offer by shopping with Buy A Safe. 

The desire to steal firearms makes a burglar a serious threat. There should be stricter enforcement of the storage regulations for gun owners. Even though a gun safe should keep your firearms secure, many of your other possessions probably wouldn't survive a fire. The best home fire, burglary, and gun safes are available from Buy A Safe.



Do you need a gun safe in Australia? These paragraphs contain the answers you're looking for. Many gun owners still don't use gun safes even though they know how important they are. Many adults feel that a gun safe is only obligatory if children are present. But this is not the only scenario in which a gun safe is necessary. One of the most reliable methods of preventing your firearm from falling into the wrong hands is to store it in a gun safe. 

Gun Safety 

One of the most important aspects of gun safety is limiting access to firearms. First and foremost, intruders, but also other people, including kids and guests, who might be inside your house. Depending on the target audience, various layers of security may be necessary. 

Defending Legal Privileges 

Most political organisations that advocate for stricter gun control emphasise the point that firearms are never a good idea. They argue that firearms pose a risk to society. Therefore, they suggest that the only way to completely eradicate the danger is to ban all firearms. In order to further their cause, anti-gun groups frequently capitalise on disasters and mishaps involving firearms. One method to show that you are a responsible gun owner and so protect your right to keep and bear arms under the Second Amendment is to keep your firearms locked away. 

Laws to Prevent Minors From Gaining Unauthorized Access 

Despite the lack of a federal mandate, many states mandate the storage of firearms in a secure location out of concern for the safety of children, even if the gun owner does not have any children. Criminal culpability for negligent storage exists regardless of whether or not a kid acquires access to a handgun or uses it to cause injury, and the consequences for making it possible for a child access to a gun differ throughout these states. Please verify the legislation in your area. 

Legally Required for Insurance Coverage 

The type and quantity of firearms you own may dictate the level of protection you require. Once the value of your gun collection reaches a certain threshold, your insurance company may mandate a monitored alarm gun safe. Find out what kind of certification your insurer requires before you buy a safe, as it may be different from what you'd expect from a typical "gun safe." Shop for the best gun safes at Buy A Safe. 

Savings on Insurance 

If you own a gun and want to know if there are any insurance reductions for doing so, go to your agent. Some forms of protection, such as a gun safe, fireproof safe, or genuine safe, may qualify for discounts. Again, the standards will likely be far higher than the typical gun safe, so you should be sure before you buy one. 

Safety from Fires 

In the event of a serious fire, almost everything in a typical home would be destroyed. Since Australia could be prone to fires, a fireproof gun safe offers some protection against fire for your firearms and other valuables. Check out Buy A Safe's selection of fireproof gun safes and home safes, as it is extremely risky to store a loaded gun in a non-fireproof safe. 

In order to Safeguard Other Valuables 

No doubt you also have many other priceless possessions that you would like to keep safe from harm (such as a fire or a thief) and pass on to future generations. A gun safe is large enough to store numerous items. 

Ease of Use 

If you keep a gun in the house for self-defense, you know how crucial it is to have easy access to the weapon at all times. To keep your home defence gun secured until you need it, a wide variety of manufacturers offer safes with locks that can be unlocked in seconds.



Although they serve the same purpose, a vault is more commonly thought of as a permanent, constructed structure. On the other hand, safes can often be compact enough to be carried from one place to another.   

Gun vault 

The phrase "gun vault" refers to a more general structure, although the vault door is crucial to the building of any gun vault. It doesn't matter if you have a house, an apartment, or an office; the vault is simply the place you use to lock up your valuables. You might think of that area as your personal "gun vault." When transforming a room into a gun vault, it's important to use materials that are both thick and sturdy. Hardened, reinforced concrete is a perfect choice. A "gun vault," sometimes known as a "safe door" or "vault door," is a type of secure facility used to store firearms.  

  • In addition to firearms, documents and jewellery can be stored in a safe. A gun vault's size should be determined by the amount of room you have. 
  • Artillery, thousands of weapons, hunting trophies, plush sofas, and marble floors are just some of the items that can be stored in a vault. Money and property are your only constraints. 
  • Gun safes can be used as "panic chambers" or as fallout shelters. What you can put in a vault depends on its dimensions. 
  • Fire sprinklers or halon fire suppression systems installed in the gun vault can be helpful. 
  • Since a gun vault is "invisible" and cannot be secured with chains, it may be more secure than a gun safe. Structures like the walls and door frame play a role. 
  • Any space can be converted into a secure weapons storage area by installing a vault door, with only the cost of the door and any necessary hardware. Including the cost of a vault room in your budget is possible if you plan ahead and construct your vault right from the start of construction. 

Gun safe 

A gun safe is a freestanding container with a lock, a swinging door, and provisions for storing firearms and shielding them from theft, unauthorised entry, moisture, and fire. A gun safe can also be used to secure other valuables. 

  • Traveling and installing gun safes is straightforward. 
  • A couple strong men, PVC pipe for rollers, and a heavy-duty dolly or hand truck can move a gun safe for installation or transfer. 
  • Some larger and heavier gun safe models may have installation restrictions, such as ensuring your floor can handle the load, but in general, you may place and bolt down your gun safe wherever you like. 
  • Good gun safes aren't pricey. Low-cost gun safes are secure and fire-resistant. Gun safes are cheaper than vault doors and safe rooms/vaults. 
  • Because a gun safe is smaller than a gun vault or safe room, it's easier to maintain an acceptable humidity level. Humid places require a dehumidifier. 
  • You can store a gun safe anywhere in your home or office, depending on your needs. Gun dealers and workplaces often access safes. Most gun vaults can't do this because they're positioned deep in the home for maximum security and minimal visibility. 
  • Gun safes contain shelves for firearms and other valuables. A vault door guards a room; storage costs extra. 



Gun safes can store self-defense weapons. Most people keep them in their beds since they're easy to access in the dark or unlikely to be searched for by intruders. Locking crucial documents like birth certificates, passports, etc. away from curious children is necessary. 

  • Your closet is a good place for a gun safe because it's out of the way yet still close. 
  • Always store them where only you or authorised others can access them. If someone else possessed the gun, you couldn't defend yourself or your family. 
  • Under the bed is a fantastic place to hide a gun safe because it's out of the way and children-proof. Adults can't access the safe if they're sleeping on the same bed, making it a smart choice for elderly who may die in their sleep. 
  • Most robbers won't check behind an artwork to find your gun safe. This sounds like a good option, but it requires construction skills, so be sure of your demands before buying. If you don't want to hang your safe, consider one of the options. 
  • Extreme temperature swings could damage your gun safe in the garage, where most people don't go often enough. 
  • The kitchen or garage might potentially house a gun safe. If your gun safe is shielded from damp and rust, store it here.



It's crucial to pick a gun safe that fits your needs, as there are many available. Here are gun safes Australia in the table below. 

Guardall - G2 (3 RIFLE CABINET) 
  • 6 lever pick resistant lock.
  • 6mm door 3mm body.
  • Bolt down holes in rear and base.
  • Separate lockable ammunition compartment inside.
  • Storage for three rifles and ammunition.

Weight: 55kg 


Dimensions: 1450 X 250 X 200mm

CMI Lockaway Pistol Safe LA2 
  • All 6mm solid steel construction.
  • Has a heavy welded hinge.
  • 6-lever pick resistant key lock.
  • Provided with 4 x 16mm mounting holes).
  • Has nil fire resistance.




Weight: 21kg 



353 x H 205mm x W 380mm x D 225mm 

CMI Sports Shooter Rifle Safe SS7
  • Can hold up to seven rifles.
  • 3 mm steel for the boy & 6 mm steel for the door.
  • 5 x 20mm sliding bolts, top and bottom and front with full length rear door locking, all secured by Ross 700 key, lock or digital.
  • Any firearm to which category C licence applies.
  • Secured by key locking or digital Locking optional Extra.




Weight: 131kg 



1500 x 600 x 400mm 

Guardall - G4E (16 RIFLE CABINET)
  • 30 minute fire ratings.
  • Plush lining to protect firearms.
  • Bolt down holes in rear and base.
  • Complies with all state & territory firearm regulations level 1 & 2 category a b c & d.
  • High quality Securam UL certified digital lock for user friendly operation.

Weight: 224kg 



1505H X 605W X 455D

Platinum HP2 Hunter Heavy Duty Pistol Safe
  • Heavy duty pistol safe.
  • Total body thickness 10mm and door thickness 10mm.
  • 32mm interlocking bolts, re-locking device and anti-drill plate.
  • 5 year warranty on safe and 2 years on locks.
  • Recommended cash rating $10,000.




Weight: 60kg 


External Dimensions: 

350H x 400W x 350D 


Internal Dimensions: 

320H x 365W x 260D



A gun safe is a great way to keep your weapons secure and out of the wrong hands. With an ever-expanding assortment of items other than gun safes, from the security industry's most reliable companies, Buy A Safe has established to be one of Australia's largest online safe dealers and provides a far larger selection of safes. Do not look any further than Buy A Safe if you are in need of a new home safe or any safe.  

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