top safes for storing laptops in business

Going deeper into the digital age, businesses rely more on computers to ensure efficient and profitable operations. With today's technology, commercial establishments need lesser manpower to successfully operate. Additionally, computers can accomplish work more quickly and with minimal costs, without compromising quality. In fact, computers can handle data more accurately than most humans. However, a computer is vulnerable to digital and physical threats. This is why there is also a greater need to protect them.

One of the best ways to protect computers from physical threats is to have a laptop safe. While you might have a secure password to restrict access to your computer, burglars can still easily take it away from your premises. And, with the help of expert hackers, they will be able to get your system and find confidential information about your business. You will need to invest in the best laptop safes to protect your company against burglary, prevent identity theft, data breaches, and natural disasters, Here, we will discuss how a laptop safe can help your business. We will also name two top safes for storing laptops in business settings.

How A Laptop Safe Can Help Your Business 

Prevents Theft

Computers are expensive and need to have a safe storage place when not in use. Only authorised users should be able to access laptop safes to secure their contents and bring accountability to staff that uses them. By providing laptop safes, employees will be more careful about losing company property and avoid leaving them in unsecured locations like tabletops and office shelves at the end of a working day.

Easy To Move

Another advantage of having a laptop safe is they are lightweight and easy to carry. If you need to move them to another office or to your home, you can easily lift and take them with you. However, laptop safes will have pre-drilled bolt holes or anchoring holes in their back and base, so the safes can be mounted or safes can be mounted or installed on a wall or floor to keep them from being stolen by a thief.

Multiple Locking Options

There are many locking options available on laptop safes. They can be mechanical, electronic or digital, swipe card, multiple user locking or electronically locked safes. This ensures your safe will not be easily accessed by unauthorised persons while allowing convenience when computers need to be used.

Protect Confidential Information

Businesses, especially large companies, need to protect vital information from falling into the wrong hands. External and internal theft can affect business operations and will result in inconvenience, loss of time, unnecessary costs, and security breaches. Beyond protecting the company’s sensitive data, you also have an obligation to protect all of your clients’ and employees’ confidential digital data that’s been shared with you.

Fire Protection

A good laptop safe will also offer protection from a fire. Fireproof laptop safes will ensure that digital data, along with other valuables stored in them, will not be destroyed in the event of a raging fire. Find the best fireproof safe that accommodates laptops with both fire-resisting and data media safety and gives a fire rating of at least 1hour.

Top Safes For Storing Laptops In Businesses

At, Buy A Safe, we offer you two of the most sought-after safes in the market today. Purchasing either of these two best laptop safes will give your business, computers and sensitive information the right protection they need.

Chubbsafes Elements - Air Laptop Safe

Chubbsafes is one of the best leading safe manufacturers in Australia. The Chubbsafes Elements Air Laptop safe is a burglary-resistant safe, ideal for office or home use. It has a one-way moving bolt work with two 18mm steel-plated bolts and made with a sturdy 4mm thick steel door and a 2mm thick steel body. The Air Laptop safe is secured by an easy-to-use electronic lock and motorised bolt-work. Other features include master coding, emergency key override, and a 100-event audit facility.

External Dimensions: 200mm x 430mm x 350mm

Internal Dimensions: 190mm x 420mm x 300mm

Weight: 13 kg

Yale - Elite Laptop Safe

A world-renowned name when it comes to security, Yale Safes offers its Elite Laptop safe. It is one of the best safes for electronics, made with a solid steel wall and door construction, user-friendly keypad interface, and a fully-lined interior. Also, it sports anti-prying reinforced frames, pre-drilled holes for mounting, motorised bolts, and a four-sided override key. Other features include high-quality zinc plated steel locking bolts, a spring-loaded door for automatic opening, and an LED display. Additionally, it features an automatic lockdown for 3 minutes on three consecutive incorrect combination entries. Furthermore, it allows master coding, has a keypad sound on/off option, and a low battery warning display.

External dimensions: 200mm x 430mm x 350mm

Internal dimensions: 197mm x 427mm x 295mm

Weight: 10.8kg

At Buy A Safe, we give you value for your money by providing the best business safe and the best home safe Australia has to offer, plus other security products for your safety and security needs. Explore your residential and commercial safe options through browsing our website or call us at 1300 405 200 for inquiries.