Chubb Safes LG Combogard is easy to use and reliable. Push-button access. Standard 6-digit combination gives 1,000,000 possible permutations. Enables two users – both manager and the second user. Managers can control, lockout or delete the second user as required.

A wrong try penalty means that attempting to guess the combination more than 4 times will render the lock inactive for a period of 5 minutes. The lock will retain all settings when changing the battery. Operates on a Duracell 9V alkaline battery which gives up to 2560 openings. Low battery level triggers an audible warning. Unlike mechanical locks, codes are easy to change and therefore do not require a locksmith. Keypad gives an audio and visual signal for ease of use.

Environmentally tested from –10°C to 85°C. All vital components are located within the lock body for maximum security. The swing bolt version has a patented automatic locking mechanism that locks when the safe handle is turned. Certified to both Group 1 Underwriters Laboratory (UL) and European VDS KL2 manipulation proof rating. You may contact us for other approvals.

Can be used with various Lagard input pads. Can be retrofitted in place of mechanical locks and key locks. Polyfuse provides unique protection to lock by protecting it against electric shock attacks. PLUS Special Combogard Features Duress Alarm (also known as a silent alarm).

If the safe operator is being asked to open the safe by a criminal he may trigger an alarm that alerts authorities without alerting the criminal (requires an interface to an alarm system). Can be programmed for the time delay. In this way, in a holdup situation, the lock will only open after a pre-determined delay. This gives the criminal the option to wait (usually long enough for the authorities to arrive) or flee the scene without the contents of the safe. A time delay override code can be programmed to allow immediate access for authorised users such as cash carriers.

The dual combination feature allows one trillion possible permutations giving even greater security. Programmable with up to 9 digits per combination. Allows the user to shut the lockdown from a remote location so no users can enter. This function may be used in an emergency situation or simply to shut down the safe overnight (requires an interface to an alarms system).

The LG Combogard is the original full feature lock and is ideal for businesses requiring holdup protection. Applications Commerce safes Bank safes Automatic teller machines (ATMs) Vaults Till skimmers Service stations Retail chains Fast food Options, variations and accessories Available in deadbolt, swing bolt, spring bolt. Extra-large battery pack to extend battery life to 29,000 openings. Redundant lock option. Alarm interface box. The bolt can be monitored with a micro switch, which can also be formed in a circuit to monitor the door. For remote monitoring, a connection to an alarm panel is required. Safeguard input pad. For more info on Chubb Safes please feel free to call 1300 405 200.